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Updated: May 5, References. If you have someone in your life with a weight problem, telling your friend that you think he or she needs to lose weight may be the most difficult conversation you ever have together. By taking a tactful approach to discussing the need to lose weight, you can preserve your relationship while still encouraging him or her to drop the extra pounds. Instead of directly confronting your mate with the idea of weight loss, casually broach the subject to determine whether he or she has considered it independently.


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The conversation can be particularly tricky if this person is your long term partner. If you notice your partner's health, stamina or self esteem is being diminishing as a result of their weight, it may be time to discuss it. You should also help your partner by living a healthy lifestyle alongside them. The best moment to bring up weight change is when your partner mentions being unhappy about their weight.

Try to stay focused on their health and happiness rather than their appearance, which could make them feel bad. Do you feel like you need to adjust your weight to be content? Being positive and supportive of your partner will give them the confidence to make the healthy changes they need to make. To learn how to help your partner adjust their eating habits at home, read on!

Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. He graduated from the American School of Professional Psychology in There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Explore this Article Initiating the Conversation. Keeping a Healthy Home. Seeking Medical Help. Tips and Warnings. Things You'll Need. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Assess the need to discuss weight.

If your partner remains within a healthy weight bracket and only loses or puts on a couple of pounds, there is no need to bring up the issue. If your partner is gaining or losing an unhealthy amount of weight for a reason that is within their control, it might warrant a discussion about their health and happiness.

Instead, aim for maintenance of good habits as a lifestyle approach to health. You might also consider if your partner's weight has affected their ability to participate in certain activities, such as playing with your kids, going out on dates, or keeping up with simple household tasks. Consider how quickly your partner's weight has changed as well.

If your partner has suddenly gained or lost a noticeable amount of weight, then you may want to bring this up. If your partner gained or lost weight over a period of years, then it might not be a cause for concern if they are healthy otherwise. Wait for a good moment to bring it up. The very best moment to begin talking about weight loss or weight gain is when your partner complains or mentions being unhappy about their weight.

They might comment that they are having trouble putting on an old pair of pants or are unhappy with how they look standing in front of the mirror. This is a clear indication that they have acknowledged the weight change, and they are unhappy with it. They do not necessarily need to be told that they have a weight problem, but might need a supportive dialogue to help them stay motivated to stay healthy.

Do you feel like you need to change your weight, or are you content? Tell your partner that you are concerned about them. Once you bring up the discussion, you need to make it clear to your partner that you are concerned about their health and happiness. I know that you love our hiking trips during the summer, and we both need to stay healthy enough to continue those trips. Make it clear that you are still attracted to your partner. Most any person would be hurt if they believed their partner was no longer attracted to them.

Knowing that you still love them and find them attractive will help your partner stay confident and give them the strength to make healthy changes.

Make love and health the centerpieces of the conversation. Telling your partner that they are unattractive or lazy will only drive a wedge between the two of you, and hurt them emotionally.

This kind of language has no place in a loving conversation. Instead, you should focus on how much you care for your partner and want them to remain healthy. What can I do to help? Leave criticism out of the conversation. Criticizing a person for their weight will leave them emotionally hurt, and damage your relationship. This kind of criticism also makes it harder for the person to confide in you, and can lead to secret binge eating or purging.

More often than not, the criticism becomes yet another roadblock to losing or gaining a healthy amount weight instead of motivation. Keep your opinion in perspective. Your partner is likely to be aware that their clothes don't fit as they used to but may not treat the issue as seriously as you do. It could be a wake-up call for your partner that you do see this as a major health issue. Be careful not to shame or embarrass your partner when bringing up your concerns.

Method 2 of Consider obstacles at home. Part of being supportive is acknowledging ways that you may have contributed to the weight change. If you're encouraging your partner to be less active, this can be contributing to their weight change, too. This helps remove the temptation to eat excessive amounts of unhealthy foods. Examine the household schedule. Are each of you making time to sit-down and eat home-cooked family dinners?

Are each of you exercising every single day? Is health a priority for your entire family or is everyone running around too busy to make time for their own health? Answer these questions, and rearrange the schedule so that healthy meals and exercise become a priority. Cook healthy foods together. Make it your priority to get healthy too. If you already eat a clean, lean diet and exercise at least five days a week, share your habits more obviously with your partner by engaging them in the cooking, shopping, or other elements that will help bring about a better understanding healthier eating.

In the USA, MyPlate is a great place to start and similar initiatives are available through many other government health departments around the world. Instead of having three big meals, consider preparing six or seven smaller meals to keep blood sugar levels even and cravings at bay.

This doesn't work for everyone but if it helps your family, then it's a great way to stretch out healthy eating during the day. If diabetes or other health problems are an issue, talk to your doctor before changing your diet drastically.

Invite your partner to exercise. Exercise outside or at the gym by walking, jogging, or taking up another sport. You might also consider team sports leagues in your area if you and your partner prefer a more social exercise routine. Introduce your favorite fitness routine to your partner——they may love it as much as you. If you have a mobile electronic device, download a fitness app and a food diary.

These can be easy and fun ways for you and your partner to track your food and exercise. Plus, you can offer to do the same activities and share results and updates regularly.

Encourage a home-based lunch initiative. Have the whole family sit down and select favorite healthy lunch options that can be made at home and taken to work, college, school, etc. Then ensure that the ingredients are always available and have a shared lunch-making session every morning to speed things up. This will spare everyone from the temptation of fattening take outs at lunchtime. Cut back on eating out. Celebrate victories. If your partner gains or loses two pounds toward their goal weight, go to the movies together or treat your partner to a manicure or massage.

Mark each victory with a celebration so that they know that you're truly rooting for their success. Other ways to celebrate include: [7] X Research source Take the family to the beach or the park for the afternoon. See a play or go to a concert. Write your partner a love letter telling them how proud you are of their success.

Or simply tell explain how much you love them. Purchase a new piece of smaller sized clothing for your partner from a favorite brand. Bring them home flowers, a favorite author's new book or other non-food treats. Method 3 of

Getting a boyfriend while you are depressed may help to cope with some of the loneliness you are experiencing, but be cautious. A boyfriend should not be used as a temporary solution to a deeper problem; nor should one expect a boyfriend to solve our emotional problems. It may be a better course of action to avoid a romantic relationship until you have worked through your depression so that you can share happy moments with your significant other rather than puzzling him with your sad disposition.

Updated: July 27, References. You are prettier than you think you are!

Updated: September 6, References. Keeping your look fresh all day will help you look attractive to guys. Guys are attracted to confidence and natural beauty, and there are simple things that you can do to enhance your allure. Guys still need to know you are interested, even if you look good to them. Make sure you are confident and communicating with guys by sending the right signals.

Updated: September 2, References. Most things that your boyfriend finds annoying will be specific to him and your individual relationship. The basics of playing games, too much texting, and being indecisive are very common, but everyone has individual preferences. Some guys don't like burps, others are freaked out by your feet touching them. With any of these things, consider why you are doing them. Playful annoyance can be fun if done in moderation; however, if this is your break up plan, you may need some lessons in honesty and self-confidence. Annoying your boyfriend too much can put your relationship at risk, so keep things playful and avoid doing things that can really hurt his feelings.

The conversation can be particularly tricky if this person is your long term partner. If you notice your partner's health, stamina or self esteem is being diminishing as a result of their weight, it may be time to discuss it. You should also help your partner by living a healthy lifestyle alongside them. The best moment to bring up weight change is when your partner mentions being unhappy about their weight. Try to stay focused on their health and happiness rather than their appearance, which could make them feel bad.

Learning to control cravings is something that everyone finds challenging, especially if you're on a diet.

Updated: May 4, References. This article covers in detail how to get girls if you consider yourself big. Anyone can get a girl , the key is to play to your strengths and meet lots of girls until you find one that likes you as much as you like her. Get started at step number one below.

Primary school is an age that most assume is too young to date. If you like someone, however, and you're willing to put in a little work, you can get a boyfriend at this stage. This article explains how. Log in Facebook.

Updated: December 8, References. Entering the dating scene can be difficult, but it can be even more intimidating if you are overweight. Tip: Take a shower, brush your teeth, and put on deodorant before your date to make sure you smell good, too! Tip: Having good photos is what will attract people to your profile. Show off your personality by putting up photos that depict you doing a wide range of activities in multiple settings.

More than one third of American adults are overweight or obese. If your significant other is overweight, it can be a stress on your relationship. While you cannot make your partner work out, you can encourage them to lose weight and be healthy. Log in Facebook. No account yet? Create an account.

Or, ladies, think of the romantic surprise you'll spring on your man if, on his But if you want to do it to your woman, you may find that there's an artistic side of you With Your Boyfriend; How To Break Up With Your Significant Other When You Your Fat Cat; How to Make Nerf Wars with a Cat; How to Tell if Your Cat Sees a.

Obesity is a common problem in pet mice. Obesity in pet mice can cause serious health problems, including heart disease and breathing problems. To know if your mouse is obese, use your thumb and middle finger to hold it still by its tail.

Updated: September 17, References. Sometimes it can feel like you'll never meet a great guy. Don't worry--you're not alone! This is something that almost everyone goes through at least once in their life.






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