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Though it may be known by several different names, i. Tunnel of Hope, Tunnel of Salvation, Tunnel of Sarajevo, one thing that is undisputed, this passage way was the lifeline of Sarajevans during the siege almost 22 years ago. With the city surrounded by Serbs, no electricity, no running water, no gas, minimal to no food in homes, this meter tunnel, dug by hand, brought a glimmer of hope to the people of Sarajevo. Food rations, medical supplies and assistance, weaponry were all transported through this tunnel. It was the only connection to the outside world that the inhabitants of Sarajevo had. Today, only about 25 meters of the original tunnel still exists.


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kpop smut — Sinful Desires Foursome with Mark, Bambam, and...

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Originally posted by 1kayee. You were sitting with your best friend. Mark, Bam, and Yugyeom were supposed to come over; the conversation with your best friend became one of fangirling over the three boys. All those boys are sexy. The things I would let them do to me. I would let them use me as their own personal sex slave. I would call them Daddy or Oppa whatever they wanted as long as it meant I could have one of their cocks inside me.

I would seriously love it if Bam spanked me with a leather belt. Your friend tried to stop you as she covered your mouth. Their jeans tightening around their hard-ons. You gulped watching them sauntering towards you.

You should tell your daddies if there is more. Your eyes were watching him, but out of the corner of your eye, you could see Bam taking off his belt slipping it out of the loops of his nice skinny jeans.

He smirked at you coiling it together and gave it a hard a snap. You nodded and Mark picked you up with ease carrying you to your bedroom. Once they were all in the bedroom Mark set you down. You opened your bottom drawer of your dresser pulling out some fuzzy purple handcuffs. You had bought them for your relationship with your ex-boyfriend, but he was too afraid to use them.

Mark took them from your hands. The three boys watched with hunger in their eyes as you pulled off the baseball tee to show your breasts then wiggled out of the sweatpants to show you wearing lacy black panties. Mark grabbed you by your wrists and handcuffed them together then pushed you back on the bed.

You let out a small gasp when you fell back. Mark nodded at his younger friend and Yugyeom dove in slipping off your panties in a flash throwing them somewhere in the room.

He ran his long wet tongue along your folds causing you to moan and arch your back. He was on his knees next to your head with his cock on your lips.

You opened your mouth. He lifted your head to the side so he had better access to your mouth. You gagged and choked a bit on his hard cock which caused Mark to smirk. Drool ran down your chin while he fucked your throat; you moaned running your tongue along the length the best you could. Yugyeom twirled and wiggled his tongue against your wraps while sucking on your clit harshly.

Bam was watching the show while stroking his cock biting his bottom lip. You arched your back more when you felt your climax building up. You continued to suck and run your tongue against Mark the best you could. His thrusts were rough and fast. Bam and Yugyeom smirked at each other. I guess it will have to be both of us.

Your eyes widened hearing them. There was no way they were serious right? Mark groaned still thrusting deep into your mouth then came without warning down your throat. You swallowed the cum.

Mark pulled out his cock grinning. You can have your fun after she screams my name. Mark sat back on the bed motioning for you to come over. You nodded obeying him. He sat you on his lap facing away from him then lifted your hips. You bit your lip letting out soft whimpers when Mark brushed the tip of his cock along your entrance. Those were the magic words.

Mark slammed his cock upwards into your throbbing entrance. You let out a scream of pleasure mixed with the pain of his large cock stretching you out more than you ever been stretched out before. Daddy is going to make sure you feel really good. You let out screams of the pleasure of his name as he kept bouncing you at a rough fast pace rubbing your already sensitive clit with his fingers.

Yugyeom silenced your screams by shoving his cock into your mouth. You moaned swirling your tongue around it, and he groaned holding your head. Bam took your handcuffed hands and wrapped them around his cock. You squeezed it causing him to let out a groan as you started stroking it.

The room was filled with flesh hitting flesh and groans of all three boys. It was music to your ears as much as your muffled moans were music to theirs. After a couple quick thrusts and loud groans, Mark came inside you. You felt the hot essence spurting inside you. Yugyeom groaned pulling out of your mouth and spurted his cum on your face making you blush and let out a soft whimper.

Bam came on your chest letting out soft moans of pleasure. Bam and Yugyeom still wanted to be inside you desperately. You obeyed; Bam smirked picking his belt up again and swung it at your ass. The sting of the force felt so good that you let out a cry of pleasure. Your pussy was getting even wetter from the feel of the rough leather slapping against your ass cheeks. You always wanted to be spanked and dominated by Bambam.

Bam rubbed your bright red ass cheeks. Hearing Bam call you names made you bite your bottom lip. You loved being called a slut by these boys. It made your heart pound. Do you like being called a whore princess? Bam let go of your hair and you pressed your forehead against the bed breathing heavily.

He slammed his cock into you making you let out a loud moan. Bam got behind you on his knees then ran your wetness and cum from ass to slip into two fingers.

You moaned gripping the sheets once again as Bam fingered your ass roughly. Your pussy throbbed at the strange but pleasurable feeling. Even though, you were no stranger to anal it was still a strange feeling every time.

Bam slipped his cock into your pussy for a second before he pulled it out making you whine. Instead, he shoved his cock into your ass stretching it out. You let out a scream of pleasure and pain. Once again, Mark, had his cock shoved into your mouth and down your throat with ease. They were all big; You were being taken in all three holes and all you could was focus on the feeling as each cock started to thrust at a rough pace in each hole.

You moaned loudly as your head clouded with pleasure. All you could think of was their cocks being inside you. She really loves it. She really is good at sucking cock. All three boys were groaning and thrusting into you mercilessly. Your climax building again. All three of the boys were groaning as their cocks got bigger and harder with their thrusts getting sloppier. Yugyeom was the first to spurt his cum out then Bam and Mark followed filling all three of your holes with their cum.

Yugyeom and Mark were spent so they left to clean themselves up leaving you with Bam who pulled out of your ass and patted his lap sitting back his head on the headboard. You obeyed even though your legs trembled. You slid yourself on top of him and he immediately thrust up inside you at a rough pace.

You moaned leaning back against him. Bam kept thrusting up inside you holding your hips. He loved the sight he saw watching your ass and beautiful figure bouncing on his cock.

You felt your climax build with each rough and deep thrust. You moaned and pulled yourself off, but Bam held you close to his chest after you pulled off his cock. Mark and Yugyeom joined holding you close.

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The Cape Fear region is stunning — the stuff of movies, TV shows and novels. We thought that Earth Day would be the ideal time to honor companies that make it a focus to keep Wilmington livable. So, just to get you thinking, here are three to thank today:. Cape Fear Solar Systems recently opened a new facility in Wilmington. This home grown, turn-key solar systems installer has the largest number of installations in the coastal North Carolina region.

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Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. There is a consciousness backing our every move—with brand tenets including authenticity, innovation, craftsmanship, and timelessness. We employ hard-working, tenacious individuals who exhibit these same values, and who bring inherent integrity and personality to their work. Today, the brand has become synonymous with innately wearable clothing that innovatively melds classic tailoring with an edgy yet understated New York aesthetic.

Celebrating Earth Day: Honoring ILM’s Sustainable Businesses

The teak-tough Tlatlik never stopped coming forward and gave Paro some much-needed rounds after his previous two round bouts against Andrew Wallace and Sebastian Bytyqi ended in the third and second rounds respectively. Tlatlik and his corner decided he had had enough with three rounds left to go. He will then head to Panama to attend the WBO convention and make his case for a boost in the world rankings. Moloney has been impressed by the marketing behind the promotion with posters and billboards all over town pushing the fight at the CFE Arena this Saturday night. All the fighters here are hungry. When you walk in the gym they all have that grimace look on their face. The year-old Goulamirian picked up the spurious title with an impressive 11th round TKO of previously undefeated Belgium power-puncher Ryad Merhy 21 in March. It is not lost on Hogan that the last time Weetch faced another boxer named Hogan — West Australian Sam Hogan five years ago in his pro debut — he lost on points over four rounds.


I was looking forward to following her journey and watching her grow Please stay encouraged!!! Having to get admitted into the hospital. The Ostomy bags have been leaking no matter who puts it on.

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Originally posted by 1kayee. You were sitting with your best friend. Mark, Bam, and Yugyeom were supposed to come over; the conversation with your best friend became one of fangirling over the three boys. All those boys are sexy.

The boxing scene in Oz

A historic appealing and a varied urban area. The city is actually really vacationer friendly. Leasing a cheap car may be actually a technique to uncover this urban areas tips.

The plot has the Four Horsemen and their leader Dylan Rhodes recruited by Walter Mabry, a criminal mastermind, to steal a data chip. On July 3, , the film was officially announced to be in development. Filming began in November and lasted until May The film was released on June 10, , by Lionsgate. Dylan eludes the FBI as the Horsemen escape down a construction chute only to find themselves in Macau. Having exposed the Horsemen in New York, Walter reveals how they were lulled unconscious and flown to Macau.

Flyleaf Mam — รวมฟิคกัซจบแล้ว #MARKBAM #BNIOR #JACKJAE


When you work at rag & bone, you become part of a family that will gladly aid in both Today, the brand has become synonymous with innately wearable clothing that As a company, we always look to spend time together outside of a usual day, Charlotte, NC; Clayton, IN; Dallas, TX; Dayton, OH; Mechanicsburg, PA;.


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