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Why do i find it so hard to get a girlfriend

But right now, it seems like getting a girlfriend is impossible! Let me show you the top ten reasons why you may be having these troubles. A common one is not knowing how to approach and attract women. Effective and proper flirting is an art form. A little flirtation spices things up and keeps the spark alive, making attraction and sexual desire last. Flirting is about having the right body language to attract a woman.

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Why Dating Has Become So Hard

But right now, it seems like getting a girlfriend is impossible! Let me show you the top ten reasons why you may be having these troubles. A common one is not knowing how to approach and attract women. Effective and proper flirting is an art form. A little flirtation spices things up and keeps the spark alive, making attraction and sexual desire last. Flirting is about having the right body language to attract a woman. You can also flirt through playful banter and joking around.

Anxiety is like a huge black cloud hanging above your head and preventing you from just being yourself and having fun around people. This is caused by a number of things. Anxiety affects everything you do and makes you seriously doubt yourself and every decision you want to make. What if she thinks I'm weird? Why would she want to talk to a guy like me?

If these and similar questions sound familiar, then you may be more anxious around women than you should be. If you feel like your anxiety is debilitating, you may need professional help. When you expose yourself often enough to the thing that makes you anxious, like women, you can gradually overcome your anxiety.

Instead of thinking of what can go wrong, focus on what might go well. This is a huge issue for guys who think women, especially beautiful ones, are out of their league. Putting women on a pedestal is similar to objectifying them. To avoid this disappointment, see her as an imperfect, unique person that you can get to know.

Treat her as an equal. There are too many fat, lazy slobs who hate how they look but do nothing to change their situation. So the first step to fix this issue is to get off that lazy bum and start taking care of yourself. Invest in a gym membership, some hygiene essentials, and polished clothes. Get a haircut or trim your beard. As long as you smell good, look clean and dress well, women will find you more attractive. Of course not! As with anxiety, if your negativity feels overwhelming, you may want to consult a professional.

Before you approach a woman, keep in mind that she will very likely reject you if you keep complaining. Try to think of something positive that happened to you recently or something you really enjoy, and talk about that. She can pick up on your positive attitude and even reinforce it. It will also let her see your happier side, which she might find attractive. They will do it with anything that moves.

This shows that you have zero standards, and that is incredibly unattractive to women. Why would she want to date a guy who has zero standards? Another way desperation manifests itself is when guys try too hard to please women.

A manipulative woman can use this to her own advantage. But any other woman will get turned off. Start by having higher standards, not just for looks, but for the whole package. Instead, get to know her and decide if you want to woo her. Have some self-respect.

Their insecurities become too much for her to bear, and this drives a huge wedge in their relationship. Insecurities manifest themselves in many different ways. The most common signs include being too jealous, too controlling, needy, passive-aggressive, overly dependent, etc. Getting rid of various insecurities if you have them is a difficult process. But it can be done with the help of a professional therapist or a life coach.

One quick way to get rid of your insecurities is by learning to have self-compassion. Then start focusing on positive qualities, the ones that your friends and family love about you. When guys want to start dating, they go out to various venues and start approaching women. But when they get rejected a few times, they give up. Rejection is a normal part of the dating process. Next time you get rejected, notice what you can improve and adjust.

Learn from your mistakes, then try a different approach. You might even meet one out of pure luck. Well, have you considered that for women to want you sexually, you have to show them you want them sexually as well? Truth is, this is one of the biggest issues that tons of men have in dating. This ultimately gets them a one-way ticket to the friendzone. To fix this, you need to accept that women also have a sexual side. There are many twists in the world of dating, and one of them is this: the women you like are not into guys like you.

We all have a type, and this is perfectly normal. Naturally, you should keep your standards. But your perpetual singlehood might be due to you only approaching one type of woman. If you like blondes, try approaching a brunette. And if you like shy girls, try chatting up a bubbly, extroverted girl. If you find something that rings true and describes you, then you have to take the time to work on fixing these issues.

You must be logged in to post a comment. By Andrius Saulis. How to better understand the right mindset. How to better understand what women want in a man Why girls like jerks and assholes How your understanding of women is probably way off What you need to do in order to stop caring too much what she thinks Being the bad boy that a lot of women are looking for.

How to overcome your neediness. Overcoming your negativity with confidence. Andrius Saulis is a professional dating coach and educator with over a decade of hands-on experience, who shows men how to deal with their insecurities and self-esteem issues, and teaches guys how to have consistently great dates that end up in casual hookups or serious relationships. He has taught thousands of guys how to master their Inner Game by getting rid of their Anxiety, Shyness, Nervousness, Self-Doubt, Fear, and various mental blocks and limiting beliefs which hold most men back from being awesome with women!

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Well, I believe that this is a big question to ask yourself. Finding the answers can bring lots of positive change to your life, and I know that you will find a lot of truth right here in this article. Simply put, ever since sex became easier to get, real love became harder to find.

We all do. I was able to meet women, get their numbers, and sleep with them.

I was one of them. What if she said no? Even worse: what if she liked me too? Then what would we talk about? What if the date was super awkward?

Why is it So Hard to Find a Girlfriend?

This happens so often to you that you start expecting women to stop texting you back or disappear into oblivion, because no matter what you do differently it always ends the same way. Guilty of pushing girls away at the last hurdle? Click Here to Jump to Reason 9. You will never know the truth of how a girl feels about you without talking to her. Without communication. But what if that guy was actually her creepy boss? But actually she just got out of a bad relationship and felt like she was falling for you.

Why is it so hard to find a good woman?

In the beginning, it's exciting. You can't wait to see your BF or GF — and it feels amazing to know that he or she feels the same way. The happiness and excitement of a new relationship can overpower everything else. Nothing stays new forever, though.

They can just hide it a little better.

Have you ever noticed that some guys seem to have absolutely no problem getting a girlfriend, while other guys remain single and alone for months or even years of their life? Yet, what is the real reason why many good guys fail with women? Watch this video to find out….

3 Steps To Get A Girlfriend If You’re Shy or Insecure

Everyone I seem to talk to has the same feeling: Dating has become so hard. It seems like nobody wants to commit anymore, and it seems to be a challenge every single step of the way. You can blame the dating apps.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Why Is It So Hard To Get A Girlfriend These Days?

My grandma used to ask me this all the time. But to me, this question felt like rubbing sandpaper on my open wound. Of course I wanted to take part in this tradition, and introduce my girlfriend to grandma. When I was younger, I compared myself to my cousins, many of whom got married to the person they were dating in high school. At the end of a long day at work, eating a burrito and watching Netflix just seems so much more enticing than possibly getting rejected or feeling creepy when trying to meet new people or approach women.

14 Reasons Why You’ve Never Had A Girlfriend (And How To Get One)

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! We are going to uncover oodles of different common and not-so-common reasons why you might be having trouble in the girl department, so you can take action to make positive changes. After you understand why you are having issues, then you can make a plan to break through your obstacles and find a solution. Use as many approaches as you can until you land the girl. In other words, they give up prematurely. Rinse and repeat. Ask a girl out and get her phone number. Keep doing it until you get a yes.

Sep 13, - I don't get why it's so hard to find a girlfriend. Venting. I'm a 27 year old man. I have goals, I work hard, I don't do drugs. Sure, I'm certainly not rich but is that  why is getting a girlfriend so difficult (and if it weren't difficult.

A lot of guys just want to get a girlfriend, without really considering the type of girls they actually like. The key is to find a girl that you actually want to date, a girl that you actually enjoy spending time with. This is a lot harder to pull off than dating any girl you find hanging out at a bar. Just be sure to take your time. Instead of coming off as desperate and taking the first opportunity that comes your way, be pickier.

Getting a girlfriend is hard – 3 reasons why

You're just not going to stumble upon her simply by snapping your fingers. Great things come to those who work hard for them. You snooze, and you will lose. Opportunity usually presents itself when you least expect it.

Get A Girlfriend




How To Find A Girlfriend You Actually Want To Date



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