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How long does it take a woman to find herself

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My wife is going into this phase where she needs to find herself. We've been married 6 years, got married when she was We dated 2 year before that. She tells me she never felt like she was alone in her life and that she needs to find herself and needs to be alone. It hit me like a ton of bricks and i took it badly because i could not get any answers out of her, she was confused herself. I realize i have to let her go to bloom on her own.

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How long does it take her to find herself?

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My wife is going into this phase where she needs to find herself. We've been married 6 years, got married when she was We dated 2 year before that.

She tells me she never felt like she was alone in her life and that she needs to find herself and needs to be alone. It hit me like a ton of bricks and i took it badly because i could not get any answers out of her, she was confused herself. I realize i have to let her go to bloom on her own. I have received alot of positive feedback and i do believe we will still be together after this.

She still tells me she loves me. To any women out there who have gone through this or men on the receiving end and have gotten through it, How long did it take you to get through these hard times?

How did you know when it was over? Are there any residual effects on your relationship? Did it end as fast as it started or was it a gradual slide back into what you had?

Children: None, she has said she does not want any. I am open to it but don't feel a particular pull to the idea.

Argument quota: a month at most. Never heated and we are usually through it in minutes and move on. Sex Life: We have a very good sex life up till a few days ago. I make her orgasm every time and they seem quite good and she tells me how good they are. Of coarse she takes wonderful care of me sexually. Work: We have almost the same work schedule. She is home about an hour before me. We sometimes met for lunch. I think she wants alone time to think about what she is and where she is in her life.

Me and my fiance have gone thorugh this and at the end our relationship got better. Just give her space. This is the problem with marrying too young. My best friend went through this, she had been with the same guy since she was fifteen. After nine years of dating got married, and after less than six months of marriage she told him " I need to be alone for awhile, I've never been alone. So actually they did just that. He is in another state for school and she is alone.

After a year they plan to live back together again. She misses him very much and she has enjoyed this time to be free from any relationship responsibilities and get to know herself better.

Some people are loners more so than others. I know I would never go through that, I am way too attached to my husband and it drives me crazy when he is gone for long periods of time due to being in the military. My advice, just give her space, she'll come around. I don't know your situation i. But as a psychologist I've been around this block and have seen others go around the same block for many many years.

I'm not a "spring chicken" but behavior of humans does not change much over the ages. I would hate to tell you that she is doing this to figure out how she can save the relationship but I'm afraid that it is the opposite.

The larger percentage of people who need "finding myself time" are the ones who are looking for a way out of a relationship. If they are physically not near you, they don't have to feel obligated to try to love you if they have fallen out of love with you. Cheating does not play into this scenario. What the focus is on here is the relationship between the two of you. If you and she are willing to find a counselor you both can relate to, you may find answers there.

As a psychologist, I would recommend that open and honest communication be taught or restored that may not have been there all along, which may be the case here.

She has some issues that may come out in front of a third party. You both need some tools to find the source of her feeling like she has to get away from you to solve her problems. If she does indeed still love you, then it would more than likely be you and a third party a professional that would be able to find answers to your questions and bring you back together in understanding, caring, sharing, and lasting love.

I wonder - what would SHE have done if this situation were reversed? How long would she tolerate being married but not being married? Would she do this for YOU? WHAT is she looking for? WHEN will she "find it"? These are the questions I would be asking her. By leaving everything up to HER, you have left yourself wide open to major disappointment. YOU are the other half, and do deserve consideration.

Leave the emotions out and start pushing her towards closing the open door. If she cannot answer your questions, then put a date to when she must. She can only take it as far as YOU let her. I think you should give her what she wants There are women who undergo this phase. Jut let her be. But make it known to her that you will be supportive of her and that you love her very much. Tell her that you are agreeing to do this because you love her and when everything is well with her already that you will be here waiting for her.

I'm sure everything will work out fine for the both of you. Just trust in HIM. Good luck. Your wife was probably too young to get married. That doesn't change what is happening but it will help explain it. She's a different person than she was when she was She wants to figure out who she is and how she fits into the world. It's a pretty normal thing for her to do but unfortunately, you're in the middle.

Let her do what she needs to do because if she doesn't, she'll likely resent you the rest of your years together. I wish I had done it, although it would have probably ended my marriage 15 years earlier than it ended.

If she decides she'd rather be single, wouldn't you rather know now, than in 10 years? When a woman says this It means they are confused and really can't give you answers and 9 times out of 10 the marriage ends You can try counseling but if she is not willing What you need to do is start taking care of your self and doing things that make you happy Start living your life Don't wait for her That gives her all the control over you Ive seen allot of people sit by while a spouse plays this game and they lose every time If she sees you moving on it might sober her up.

I married young as well and I came to a point after 5 years that I told my husband that I needed to find myself. We stayed together because my husband was understanding as he is much older than I.

I cannot tell you how long it will take because it depends on her life experience. There is not much you can do but be loving and responsive towars her. It may be hard for you but you need to ask her what she needs. My husband asked my what I needed and I told him I needed to be young and date because I felt as though I never had.

Some people may object to my advice but we decided to open our marriage up. We both are allowed to see other people and I have discovered living my youth was all I really needed. I love my lifestyle as I feel as though I am married to my best friend. I am sure I will never leave him I just need to get some things out of my system. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you well. It's not always cheating it could be exactly what she said, that she needs to be alone.

I couldn't say how long that will take but if ur marriage is worth it, hang in there. She was young when you married and that has a lot to do with it.

Did Your Ex Say That She Needed to Find Herself or Be Herself Again?

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Is this what our relationship is going to be like from now on? Where is the love and desire? Where is the fun and excitement? I need to find myself. What did I do wrong?








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