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Bangs plus heat and humidity generally don't mix. Sure, they may start off the morning looking bouncy and beautiful, but by midday especially if it's one of those unbearably sticky dog days of summer they can get flat, greasy and straight-up ANNOYING. Luckily, there are celebs like Maria Menounos in the world, who demonstrate how to beautify bothersome bangs without skipping a beat. The TV host was spotted yesterday in Beverly Hills at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour wearing her hair—errrr, just her bangs, really—in the coolest literally braid style. Basically, she swept all of her bangs up and out of her face, and plaited them three ways, mimicking the effect of a headband—without actually having to pick out or shell out for one. While we weren't with Menunous, we've got a pretty good idea of how to re-create her style.

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Maria lyrics - the Nuns

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Maria von Trapp, photograph from her Declaration of Intention, dated January 21, I first saw the movie The Sound of Music as a young child, probably in the late s. I liked the singing, and Maria was so pretty and kind!

As I grew older, more aware of world history, and saturated by viewing the movie at least once yearly, I was struck and annoyed by the somewhat sanitized story of the von Trapp family it told, as well as the bad s hairdos and costumes.

She didn't look like Julie, and she came across as a true force of nature. In thinking about the fictionalized movie version of Maria von Trapp as compared to this very real Maria von Trapp, I came to realize that the story of the von Trapp family was probably something closer to human, and therefore much more interesting, than the movie led me to believe.

Part of the story of the real von Trapp family can be found in the records of the National Archives. When they fled the Nazi regime in Austria, the von Trapps traveled to America. Their entry into the United States and their subsequent applications for citizenship are documented in the holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration.

While The Sound of Music was generally based on the first section of Maria's book The Story of the Trapp Family Singers published in , there were many alterations and omissions.

Georg von Trapp, born in , became a national hero as a captain in the Austrian navy during World War I. He commanded submarines with valor and received the title of "Ritter" knight , and later baron, as a reward for his heroic accomplishments.

Georg married Agathe Whitehead, the granddaughter of Robert Whitehead, the inventor of the torpedo, in They had seven children together: Rupert, —; Agathe, —[]; Maria, —[]; Werner, —[]; Hedwig, —; Johanna, —; and Martina, — His wife died in of scarlet fever.

The family was devastated by her death and unable to bear living in a place where they had been so happy, Georg sold his property in Pola now Pula, Croatia and bought an estate in Salzburg. Maria Augusta Kutschera was born in Vienna, Austria, in She was orphaned as a young child and was raised as an atheist and socialist by an abusive relative. While attending the State Teachers' College of Progressive Education in Vienna, she accidentally attended a Palm Sunday service, believing it to be a concert of Bach music, where a priest was speaking.

Years later she recalled in her autobiography Maria , "Now I had heard from my uncle that all of these Bible stories were inventions and old legends, and that there wasn't a word of truth in them. But the way this man talked just swept me off my feet. I was completely overwhelmed. While she struggled with the unaccustomed rules and discipline, she considered that "These. However, her health suffered from not getting the exercise and fresh air to which she was accustomed.

When Georg von Trapp approached the Reverend Mother of the Abbey seeking a teacher for his sick daughter, Maria was chosen, partly because of her training and skill as a teacher, but also because of concern for her health. She was supposed to remain with the von Trapps for 10 months, at the end of which she would formally enter the convent. Maria tutored young Maria and developed a caring and loving relationship with all the children.

She enjoyed singing with them and getting them involved in outdoor activities. During this time, Georg fell in love with Maria and asked her to stay with him and become a second mother to his children.

Of his proposal, Maria said, "God must have made him word it that way because if he had only asked me to marry him I might not have said yes. They had three children together: Rosmarie, — ; Eleonore, — ; and Johannes, —.

The family lost most of its wealth through the worldwide depression when their bank failed in the early s. Maria tightened belts all around by dismissing most of the servants and taking in boarders. It was around this time that they began considering making the family hobby of singing into a profession. Georg was reluctant for the family to perform in public, "but accepted it as God's will that they sing for others," daughter Eleonore said in a Washington Post interview. When the Nazis annexed Austria in , the von Trapps realized that they were on thin ice with a regime they abhorred.

Georg not only refused to fly the Nazi flag on their house, but he also declined a naval command and a request to sing at Hitler's birthday party. They were also becoming aware of the Nazis' anti-religious propaganda and policies, the pervasive fear that those around them could be acting as spies for the Nazis, and the brainwashing of children against their parents.

They weighed staying in Austria and taking advantage of the enticements the Nazis were offering—greater fame as a singing group, a medical doctor's position for Rupert, and a renewed naval career for Georg—against leaving behind everything they knew—their friends, family, estate, and all their possessions.

They decided that they could not compromise their principles and left. Passenger list of the SS Bergensfjord, dated September 27, page 1. The von Trapp family is listed at line 5. Page 2 of the passenger list of the SS Bergensfjord. Traveling with their musical conductor, Rev. Franz Wasner, and secretary, Martha Zochbauer, they went by train to Italy in June, later to London, and by September were on a ship to New York to begin a concert tour in Pennsylvania.

Son Johannes was born in January in Philadelphia. When their six months visitors' visas expired, they went on a short Scandinavian tour and returned to New York in October They were held at Ellis Island for investigation by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, apparently because when asked by an official how long they intended to stay, instead of saying "six months," as specified on their visas, Maria exclaimed, "Oh, I am so glad to be here—I never want to leave again!

This record of aliens held for special inquiry, dated October 7, , notes that the family was to clear up confusion about the von Trapps status. In the early s the family settled in Stowe, Vermont, where they bought a farm. They ran a music camp on the property when they were not on tour.

District Court in Burlington, Vermont. Georg apparently never filed to become a citizen; Rupert and Werner were naturalized while serving in the U. Georg died in and was buried in the family cemetery on the property. Those who had applied for citizenship achieved it in The Trapp Family Lodge which is still operating today opened to guests in While fame and success continued for the Trapp Family Singers, they decided to stop touring in The group consisted mostly of non-family members because many of the von Trapps wanted to pursue other endeavors, and only Maria's iron will had kept the group together for so long.

Later, Maria ran the Trapp Family Lodge for many years. Of the children, Rupert was a medical doctor; Agathe was kindergarten teacher in Maryland; Maria was a missionary in New Guinea for 30 years; Werner was a farmer; Hedwig taught music; Johanna married and eventually returned to live in Austria; Martina married and died in childbirth; Rosmarie and Eleonore both settled in Vermont; and Johannes managed the Trapp Family Lodge. Maria died in and was buried alongside Georg and Martina.

Maria von Trapp s Declaration of Intention to become a U. The von Trapps never saw much of the huge profits The Sound of Music made. Maria sold the film rights to German producers and inadvertently signed away her rights in the process. The American rights were bought from the German producers. The family had very little input in either the play or the movie The Sound of Music.

As a courtesy, the producers of the play listened to some of Maria's suggestions, but no substantive contributions were accepted. How did the von Trapps feel about The Sound of Music? While Maria was grateful that there wasn't any extreme revision of the story she wrote in The Story of the Trapp Family Singers , and that she herself was represented fairly accurately although Mary Martin and Julie Andrews "were too gentle-like girls out of Bryn Mawr," she told the Washington Post in , she wasn't pleased with the portrayal of her husband.

The children's reactions were variations on a theme: irritation about being represented as people who only sang lightweight music, the simplification of the story, and the alterations to Georg von Trapp's personality. I think perhaps reality is at the same time less glamorous but more interesting than the myth.

Examining the historical record is helpful in separating fact from fiction, particularly in a case like the von Trapp family and The Sound of Music. In researching this article, I read Maria von Trapp's books, contemporary newspaper articles, and original documents, all of which clarified the difference between the von Trapps' real experiences and fictionalized accounts.

My impression of Maria from Dinah Shore's show was the tip of a tantalizing iceberg: the real lives of real people are always more interesting than stories. While the von Trapps' story is one of the better known immigrant experiences documented in the records of the National Archives and Records Administration, the family experiences of many Americans may also be found in census, naturalization, court, and other records.

Declarations of intention, petitions for naturalization, and certificates of arrival are in Petitions and Records of Naturalization, U. Maria von Trapp s petition for naturalization as a U. Back of Maria von Trapp s petition for naturalization. Interviews consulted for this article appeared in The Washington Post Jennifer Small, "Apparently, Julie Andrews was too tame to do her justice" , February 26, , p.

AR9; and Opera News 67 May : The year in the original version of this article was based on a mistyped date on the naturalization record. She holds a B. Purchase This Issue. Top Skip to main content. Research your Ancestry Use National Archives records to research your genealogy and family ancestry.

Von Trapp Family: Documenting Immigration The experience of the von Trapp family through immigration and naturalization records.

Tame Frizzy, Stubborn or Sticky Bangs With This Hairstyle (Thanks, Maria Menounos)

Nathan Robert Brown. In the world of the show, the classic stories are actually a document of real events, and Nick himself is descended from a long line of guardians, or Grimms, charged with defending humanity from the mythological creatures of the world. Grimm Origins.

Let me tell you about this book. I was at the library using wireless there since our cabin is sans Internet.

The s and 60s were times of extraordinary social and political change across North America that re-drew the boundaries between traditional and progressive, conservative and liberal. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the history of Catholic nuns. During these two decades, nuns boldly experimented with their role in the church, removing their habits, rejecting the cloister, and fighting for social justice. The media quickly took to their cause and dubbed them 'the new nuns,' modern exemplars of liberated but sexually contained womanhood. With Visual Habits , Rebecca Sullivan brings this unexamined history of nuns to the fore, revisiting the intersection of three distinct movements - the Second Vatican Council, the second wave of feminism, and the sexual revolution - to explore the pivotal role nuns played in revamping cultural expectations of femininity and feminism.

More by Paloma Maria

Her positions afforded her priceless interventions with people across the spectrum. She has mentored countless women, spoke at hundreds of motivational events, and had a satisfying and illustrious career. Her natural ability to read people is astounding and she loves them flaws and all! She has an acting agent, has made several commercials, and works charity functions as an Eva Gabor lookalike. Her passion has always been storytelling. Her characters are strong, intelligent, often dark, conflicted personalities who readers will envy even though at times they infuriate! Truly sprinkled with fairy dust storyteller, she is a loving grandmother happily living out her American dream in beautiful Southern California. Judith Slaughter. Wright, I do believe many women are looking for you. A gorgeous devil-may-care gigolo finds himself wrapped up in a murder and cover-up in the movie colony of Palm Springs.

Sound Of Music - Maria (The Nuns) Lyrics

Maria von Trapp, photograph from her Declaration of Intention, dated January 21, I first saw the movie The Sound of Music as a young child, probably in the late s. I liked the singing, and Maria was so pretty and kind! As I grew older, more aware of world history, and saturated by viewing the movie at least once yearly, I was struck and annoyed by the somewhat sanitized story of the von Trapp family it told, as well as the bad s hairdos and costumes. She didn't look like Julie, and she came across as a true force of nature.

First published in French in , The World, The Lizard and Me, Gil Courtemanche's second last novel before his death in , is not an easy book to read or review.

It was first published in the first Beaumont and Fletcher folio of , though it was written several decades earlier Fletcher died in There is no doubt that the play is the work of Fletcher alone; his highly distinctive and characteristic pattern of linguistic preferences is continuous through the text. The play is a counterpart to Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew , in which as the subtitle indicates the gender tables are turned and Petruchio the "tamer" is "tamed" by his second wife Maria, whom he marries after the death of Katherine, the "shrew" in Shakespeare's text.

Movie vs. Reality: The Real Story of the Von Trapp Family

Subverting assumptions that American musical theater is steeped in nostalgia, cheap sentiment, misogyny, and homophobia, this book shows how musicals of the s and early s celebrated strong women characters who defied the era's gender expectations. A Problem Like Maria reexamines the roles, careers, and performances of four of musical theater's greatest stars-Mary Martin, Ethel Merman, Julie Andrews, and Barbra Streisand-through a lesbian feminist lens. Focusing on both star persona and performance, Stacy Wolf argues that each of her subjects deftly crafted characters both on and offstage whose defiance of the norms of mid-twentiethcentury femininity had immediate appeal to spectators on the ideological and sexual margins, yet could still play in Peoria. The final chapter scrutinizes the Broadway and film versions of The Sound of Music, illuminating its place in the hearts of lesbian spectators and the "delicious queerness" of Andrews's troublesome nun.

She climbs a tree and scrapes her knee, her dress has got a tear She waltzes on her way to Mass and whistles on the stair And underneath her wimple she has curlers in her hair I even heard her singing in the abbey. She's always late for chapel, but her penitence is real She's always late for everything, except for every meal I hate to have to say it, but I very firmly feel Maria's not an asset to the abbey. How do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down? How do you find the word that means Maria? A flibbertijibbet!

They have three grown children and seven grandchildren and make their home on a small lake in central Oklahoma. Georgina is known for the deep research and passion of her novels, resulting in two Romantic Times Lifetime Achievement awards for both Western and Indian Romance. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search. To Tame A Texan. Georgina Gentry.

Jennifer Small, “Apparently, Julie Andrews Was Too Tame to Do Her Justice,” Another version of the Funny Girl saga had Stephen Sondheim threatening to.








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