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Futurama: Bender's Big Score or Bender's Big Score is a American direct-to-video animated science fiction comedy - adventure film based on the animated series Futurama. It was released in the United States on November 27, Bender's Big Score along with the three follow-up films, comprise season five of Futurama , with each film being separated into four episodes of the broadcast season. Cohen , and directed by Dwayne Carey-Hill.

Two years after Box Network executives canceled Planet Express' contract, the executives are fired and Planet Express is back "on the air. His head is placed in a jar while his body is repaired. Lars, the man who performs the procedure, flirts with Leela , much to Fry 's chagrin. During a delivery to a nude beach planet, Leela discovers a tattoo of Bender on Fry's buttocks. A trio of alien scammers Nudar, Fleb and Schlump dupe the crew into providing their personal information and infect Bender with an obedience virus, allowing them to seize control of Planet Express.

The scammers then discover that Fry's tattoo has a code that allows time travel , but only into the past. Nibbler tries to warn the scammers against using the code, but is ignored. The scammers have Bender use the code to steal valuable objects from Earth 's past, storing them in a cave beneath the ship. Hermes also has Bender retrieve an earlier version of his body so he can win back his wife. Meanwhile, Leela and Lars date, further depressing Fry.

Once the scammers have history's treasures, they decide to get rid of the time code by killing Fry. Fry uses the code to escape to January 1, , just after he was frozen.

The scammers send Bender after him. Bender arrives before Fry, creating a duplicate of himself when he has to use the bathroom. Another Bender from "way at the end" then appears, opens Fry's cryogenic tube and puts the tattoo on his butt. When Fry arrives, the first duplicate of Bender inadvertently initiates a self-destruct sequence as a result of not going to the bathroom.

Fry shoves that Bender into another tube, then escapes. The original Bender spends the next twelve years hunting Fry, finally catching up to him and seemingly killing him by blowing up his apartment.

Bender reports his success to the scammers, who then erase the time code and the virus. The crew holds a memorial for Fry, but he suddenly shows up. Fry says he created a duplicate of himself, which remained in the past while he accidentally fell into his own cryo-tube. When Fry plus the Fry that was originally frozen awoke 1, years later, the present Fry froze himself until the current year. Meanwhile, the Fry in spent the years before Bender's attack working at Panucci's Pizzeria, then at an aquarium caring for Leelu, an orphaned narwhal.

He also hung out with his family and tended to his beloved dog Seymour Asses. Nibbler removes the tattoo from Fry to keep the scammers from further abusing it.

Leela and Lars decide to marry, but during the wedding Hermes is again decapitated. Professor Farnsworth says that Hermes' body would have died anyway since time paradox duplicates are doomed to die prematurely. Hearing this, Lars panics and breaks up with Leela, cancelling the wedding. Hermes has his bureaucratic brain wired into the ship's battle computer, allowing him to destroy the scammers' fleet and win back his wife. Meanwhile, Leela uses a doomsday device that Bender had originally stolen for the scammers then stolen back for himself to destroy the scammers' ship.

Unable to console a heartbroken Leela, Fry arranges for her to meet with Lars at the cryogenic lab. Having survived the doomsday blast, Nudar ambushes them. Lars tricks Nudar into approaching the Bender duplicate on auto-destruct and holds him against the duplicate, who explodes, killing the three of them. The explosion singes off some of Lars' clothing, revealing the Bender tattoo. During Lars' funeral, the Planet Express crew learn from Lars' video will that he was actually the time-paradox duplicate of Fry, who had survived Bender's attack in ; the fire and smoke changed his appearance and voice.

The duplicate Fry froze himself to return to the future and be with Leela. However, when he learned that time travel paradoxes were doomed, he canceled the wedding to spare Leela the pain of his inevitable death. Bender removes Lars' tattoo and travels to to place it on Fry in the cryogenic tube so that the events that transpired "make any sense at all".

Upon returning, Bender emerges with all the duplicates from his stealing sprees. Terrified of the paradoxical consequences, Nibbler urges everyone to evacuate the universe before swallowing himself. The Bender duplicates explode and cause a tear in the fabric of space, leading to the events of next film. In February , Futurama co-creator Matt Groening addressed speculation as to whether Futurama had been revived in episodic or feature film form, explaining that the crew is "writing them as movies and then we're going to chop them up, reconfigure them, write new material and try to make them work as separate episodes".

The same will be done with the succeeding three movies, creating a sixteen-episode fifth season. In addition to background musical scoring for the movie, Christopher Tyng provided two original "movie musical" style songs for the characters to sing in context in Bender's Big Score. The song "I May As Well Jump" also referred to as "Street Song" exposited the dissatisfaction of most of the characters with the ways their lives were progressing at that point in the plotline, except for Lars and Leela, who were contrastingly delighted to announce their happiness and their upcoming marriage.

After being aired in four separate episodes, the next three movies were aired, with each of them being broken up into four episodes; creating a fifth season comprising 16 episodes overall. In the broadcast premiere, the extended opening from the film is placed before the scene where Hermes is decapitated as opposed to after it.

The first two scenes in the montage of Leela and Lars' dates were cut. It also features "A Terrifying Message From Al Gore", an animated short produced to promote guest star Al Gore's film An Inconvenient Truth , a discussion on the use of mathematics in Futurama , full length audio commentary by cast and crew members. There is also a minute full length episode of "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad ".

Torgo's Executive Powder is an elaborate running gag throughout the film in retaliation against the Fox Network for its alleged mishandling and eventual cancellation of Futurama.

In the "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad" episode released with the film, Torgo's Powder is advertised as a parody of HeadOn , stating "Torgo's Powder: apply directly to the buttocks" three times in the same fashion.

When the film was aired on Comedy Central, a fake commercial was shown preceding the first break in which a woman dumps some of the powder in a toilet.

It appears once in Bender's Game on Fry and Bender's kitchen counter, when Bender is washing a pot and is about to jump out of the window.

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Every Apple reference ever made in Futurama and The Simpsons

Join Rob Lemoto for a closer look at crime in New Zealand and the Kiwis who end up on the wrong side of the law. In this special holiday episode, a selfish Peter loses his Christmas spirit and is visited by ghosts of Christmas past, present and future who take him on a journey around Quahog in the style of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". At the vet's office, Brian meets a female show dog named Ellie. Smitten with her, he enters a show dog competition, in which the winner gets to breed with her.

Education 1. Women in the Military.

Much has changed in those years, both on television and in the world around it. Fortunately those pleasures are just a few clicks away, as Futurama is currently streaming on Hulu. Happy watching. This breathlessly funny outing also advances the unlikely and reliably entertaining romance between Amy and Kif, two characters otherwise used mostly as daffy comic relief.

The TV-Show Futurama: Looking Backward at Present Day America

Poli Sci Fi: An Introduction to Political Science through Science Fiction allows readers, students, and instructors to explore the multiple worlds of science fiction while gaining a firm grasp of core political science concepts. This carefully composed text is comprised of sixteen brief chapters, each of which takes a prominent science fiction film or television episode and uses it to explore fundamental components of political science. The book is designed to serve as a supplemental text for undergraduate political science courses, especially Introduction to Political Science. The structure and content of the volume is shaped around the organization and coverage of several leading texts in this area, and includes major parts devoted to theory and epistemology, political behavior, institutions, identity, states, and inter-state relations. Its emphasis on science fiction—and particularly on popular movies and television programs—speaks to the popularity of the genre as well as the growing understanding that popular culture can be an extraordinarily successful vehicle for communicating difficult yet foundational concepts, especially to introductory level college students. Routledge CP Michael A. Allen , Justin S. Theory and Epistemology.

Australian man

Account Options Login. Koleksiku Bantuan Penelusuran Buku Lanjutan. Oxford University Press Amazon. William L.

Futurama: Bender's Big Score or Bender's Big Score is a American direct-to-video animated science fiction comedy - adventure film based on the animated series Futurama. It was released in the United States on November 27,

Park your hover-car and saddle up your unicorn for the most fantastical "Futurama" yet: Futurama: Bender's Game. With fuel prices skyrocketing, the Planet Express crew sets off on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the world's only dark-matter mine, source of all spaceship fuel. But deep beneath the surface, they discover a far stranger place

Futurama Season 2 Episode 14: "How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" Quotes

Zoidberg: Now it's time for my song! Farnsworth: Well, it looks like I'll be needing my heroic bureaucrat back. At severely-reduced pay, of course. LaBarbara: It's better than nothing.

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With a combined 33 seasons between them, both Futurama and The Simpsons are awash with references to Apple. Some of these references take the form of biting commentary while others are much more subtle. In compiling this list, I was lucky enough to chat with famed Simpsons writer Bill Oakley seasons and talented Simpsons director David Silverman seasons 1-present. They were both gracious and kind enough to answer many-a-question and provide me and you with some behind-the-scenes information about the "how and why" behind some of the Apple references you'll find sprinkled throughout this post. That both Futurama and The Simpsons are rife with Apple references may not be all that surprising given that both shows were created by Matt Groening; before becoming a household name, Groening helped Apple design a Macintosh brochure for college students in the late 80s.


Region 1 encoding. (Most single-region DVD players sold in Australia play only Region 4 DVDs or Region B/2 Blu-Ray discs. Items like this one may require a.








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