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In Mirror Piece I , Jonas along with other female performers employs mirrors as props in which they slowly perform a series of choreographed movements in front of a live audience. The work immediately recalls the work of fellow artists Ana Mendieta and Francesca Woodman, but while these two artists performed only for their camera, the audience is crucial for Jonas. Indeed, in the Jonas version of this way of assessing identity, the mirrors reflect not only the bodies of the performers, but also, and just as importantly, the audience members themselves. Indeed, by using very large mirrors that could easily break if not handled correctly, Jonas sought to create an unsettling feeling. When asked about the use of the mirror in her work, Jonas has commented that she "was interested in how an audience might feel uneasy as they were caught looking at themselves in the performance.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Joan Jonas explique son art et de ses performances - LIVE ART #2 - Biennale de Venise, 2015

Joan Jonas: ‘You don’t know what you’re doing sometimes. You just begin’

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Jonas rose to prominence during the s as one of the first performance artists to incorporate video and film into her work.

Here, we examine why Jonas deserves a place in the AnOther Woman hall of fame. In , she graduated with an MFA in Sculpture from Columbia University, becoming immersed in the downtown arts scene of the era. It was here that her extensive and groundbreaking experimentation with multimedia began. She has taught at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology since as Professor Emerita in the MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology, representing the United States at the Venice Biennale, with her most recent work exploring the relationship between new digital media and performance in multichannel video installations.

This comes as a shock to those who meet her. I was just in Jamaica, and I met Grace Jones, and she is not tall at all. Despite formulating such ostentatious characters in her work, in life, Jonas never dressed to turn heads. Her style remains understated and minimalistic, with a crop of white hair offsetting a pair of dark glasses her signature aesthetic. My work is really something made for the public. I never want it to be described as autobiographical.

Her work with mirrors and video cameras explored representations of the female body — which now, more than ever, is placed under constant scrutiny through the lens of social media. Dazed media sites. Now an octogenarian, Joan Jonas sees her first ever retrospective take place at Tate Modern, proving that her legacy is vital March 28, Text Hannah Tindle.

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Joan Jonas

Camera by Roberta Neiman. In this interview, I investigate with Joan the significance of her performances and installations by stressing her ideas-in-form. What kind of form: modernist poetry. It has an organic open-work structure of experimentation that necessitates play along with a system of signs. Its mythology offers a visual image of a new Gestalt.

Wosk art history, English, and studio painting, State Univ. Read full review. Account Options Sign in.

No eBook available Wiley. Charting over 45 years of feminist debate on the significance of gender in the making and understanding of art, the long-anticipated new edition of Feminism-Art-Theory has been extensively updated and reworked. Account Options Sign in. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Joan Jonas Artworks

And yet they do. Behind a door in Mercer Street is an elevator that takes you up to the loft of the performance artist Joan Jonas, a space where she has lived and worked since the early 70s. Surrounded by the dozens of objects she has accumulated over the decades — a realm of authenticity that includes pebbles, baskets, bowls, dolls and masks — you feel suddenly ashamed of the long minutes you just spent staring at the windows of the Prada store that stands on the site of the old SoHo Guggenheim. She dislikes doing interviews, and her somewhat minimalist answers, at least at first, give me the strong sense that my questions are as dumb as any she has ever been asked. Add to this the essential problem that, like most of those who come to talk to her, I have seen her performances only in photographs as she and I will discuss later, there is a sense in which her work can be said not really to exist beyond the moment of its production , and the potential for misunderstanding would seem to be bigger even than this vast room. Oh, well. At least I know the way out. It will include an immersive gallery exhibition, in which some of her installations and items from her personal collections will be displayed, and a day live performance programme in the Tanks in which Jonas, now in her early 80s, will appear on two occasions she will perform Mirage , a piece from that makes use of chalk and a blackboard; other works, including iterations of the famous Mirror Pieces from , will be performed by younger collaborators whom she will, in effect, direct. The idea is that this show will reveal Jonas, whose name is not well known in Britain, as a pioneering figure whose way with a video camera — she was the first artist to incorporate live video feeds into her work — seems newly relevant in this, the era of the selfie and the smartphone.

Charting over 45 years of feminist debate on the significance of gender in the making and understanding of art, the long-anticipated new edition of Feminism-Art-Theory has been extensively updated and reworked. Feminism Art Theory : An Anthology - Completely revised, retaining only one-third of the texts of the earlier edition, with all other material being new inclusions Brings together 88 revealing texts from North America, Europe and Australasia, juxtaposing writings from artists and activists with those of academics Embraces a broad range of threads and perspectives, from diverse national and global approaches, lesbian and queer theory, and postmodernism, to education and aesthetics Includes many classic texts, but is particularly notable for its inclusion of rare and significant material not reprinted elsewhere Provides a uniquely flexible resource for study and research due to its scale and structure; each of the seven sections focuses on a specific area of debate, with texts arranged chronologically in order to show how issues and arguments developed over time. Activism and Institutions. Historical and Critical Practices.

Jonas rose to prominence during the s as one of the first performance artists to incorporate video and film into her work. Here, we examine why Jonas deserves a place in the AnOther Woman hall of fame.

Exhibition Guide. Joan Jonas born is a pioneer of performance, video and installation who has pushed the boundaries of art for the last five decades. After studying sculpture and art history she became one of the founding figures of performance when it first emerged in New York in the s and s. Throughout her career Jonas has constantly experimented with different media and continues to influence generations of younger artists.

Joan Jonas born July 13, is an American visual artist and a pioneer of video and performance art , who is one of the most important female artists to emerge in the late s and early s. Her influences also extended to conceptual art , theatre , performance art and other visual media. Jonas was born in in New York City. Between , Jonas performed Mirror Pieces , works which used mirrors to as a central motif or prop.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Joan Jonas – ‘I'm Curious About Life’ - TateShots

Jonas wrote art history in the s as one of the first female artists to develop a new kind of art comprised of dance, installation, and video: the Happening. Out of this action-oriented art, most of which involved the audience, arose her attention-getting performances. Order now. To Wish List. In order to guarantee safe delivery, works of art are delivered by courier.


Because women are considered sex objects, it is taken for granted that any 'generally speaking, it is the women, like Joan Jonas, who are the least afraid to to cruel criticism, although those women who do happen to be physically well.








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