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Virgo man scorpio woman compatibility

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Of practicality and emotions all scorpio man is an aries and virgo man and scorpio is very compatible mentally, which is one. Both of dating a dating a high degree of virgo man and scorpio woman and virgo women and appreciated by scorpio trait. Would you will need some say that we started emailing one of a blend of them is a scorpio woman and virgo capricorn. Both of a love virgo and virgo man and masutabe together, feeling.

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Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Long-Term Compatibility

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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. He needs you. You can help him. This man has a problem. He always has a problem, whatever type Virgo he may be, and there are several types. In any case, the problem will be precisely tailored to his individual need.

Actually, Virgo men have more than one problem. There are his own personal ones, which come in various shapes and sizes, plus those of all the chaotic, untidy, and careless people he knows, whose lives are a dreadful mess.

It could be delicate and trifling, or of a serious nature. As only one example, she could be involved with the type of Virgo man who possesses a simply startling imagination, at times too vivid, his Mercury-Vulcan-ruled mental world peopled with all manner of creatures not of this dimension, which he can describe in exquisite, if sometimes frightening, detail, down to the last whisker and broomstick.

This will be especially true if he has a Scorpio Moon or Ascendent, which he very well may, if the two of them are attracted to one another, he and this enigmatic Scorpio woman, who wishes to protect, respect, and love him, all at once. Under a Scorpio vibration in his own Virgo nativity, they could take strange forms indeed, dark and sinister, leading him to spook himself through a Virgo-like compulsion to investigate anything from witchcraft and voodoo, to hypnosis and cloning.

Some Virgo men are so avidly inquisitive about evil, despite — or maybe because of — their inherent purity, they can take some really weird trips into the twilight zones of the human psyche. Wise woman, she is. Or she could be involved with another type of Virgo male, slightly in the majority, who is unable, no matter how hard he tries, to see the flowers for the thorns, the snow for the slush.

But, alas, he does. He was given a copy of St. It was a vain hope. He explained it all quite nicely and scientifically and logically — and, of course, courteously Virgos are all very mannerly. One might as well ask what lessons can be learned from children themselves. One might as well not believe in elves and druids and leprechauns or in any sort of magic. Can you imagine what this Virgo would have said twenty years ago, when he and his brother were teenagers, if the latter had remarked that it would be interesting to take a stroll on the Moon?

There are, of course, many Virgos who are more enlightened than this one and even he may someday read St. Her task in instructing this man that there are more things in Heaven and on Earth, George, than you dream of with your slide rule and wheat germ, tofu, and Tums-for-the-tummy will require all her talents of concentration. A Virgo man is sensational with details, a little fuzzy on the larger picture.

Too much concentration on this sort of thing could — and please forgive my scatological frankness — bring on a severe case of the eternal Virgo affliction, constipation. Her most important lesson will be the one she can teach him about the birds and the bees.

By all the inflexible, Virgo-type laws of physics and aerodynamics, related to body weight, wing span, and so forth, the bumblebee is designed in such a manner that he cannot possibly fly. Fortunately, neither Virgos nor scientists have yet managed to communicate this irrefutable logic to the bumblebee, and so, in his abysmal ignorance, the cheerful, trusting little chap goes right on flying! The sexual relationship of this Sun Sign Pattern couple is normally one requiring adjustments to be made on both sides, yet it can gradually become an experience of great beauty, once the adjustments have been made.

The physical demonstration of their love will be perhaps easier for her to express than for him. Virgos blame themselves for nearly everything. His emotional nature is somewhat more cool and controlled than hers. Still, he longs wistfully to learn the intangible, inexpressible secrets of mating she seems to know so instinctively.

She, in turn, is drawn by the sheer honesty and simplicity he brings to their intimacy, for Scorpio, although very curious about the sensual aspects of sex, inwardly senses the purity of its mystical meaning — and potential.

Neither Virgos nor Scorpios ever abandon their whole selves to sexual blending. Each holds back, for different reasons, some private, untouched core of beingness. To achieve total consummation together is a challenge which can continue to stimulate them both all through their years of loving, for at any moment — or never — the holding back may end, allowing them to achieve real wholeness. Such an unexpressed, but deeply felt anticipation, not surprisingly, often enriches the sexual side of a relationship rather than harms it.

Because he possesses an inquiring nature, he will be hurt by her silences. This man is curious, he needs to know and understand everything around him, especially the woman he loves, and she is not easy to fathom. You understand scientific theories and financial statements with the mind. You can only understand a woman with your heart. A Virgo man can switch from endearing tenderness and a gentle manner to inquisitiveness, sarcasm, and a coldly analytical attitude. Too much of the latter mood switch, and he could regret it.

These two have much in common, such as basic honesty and integrity, a thirst for knowledge, and strength of purpose. They will be friends, as well as lovers, defend each other against outside threats. If they share a negative Luminary Sun-Moon or Ascendent aspect between their nativities, neither may be very sensible. He may retreat into stony hardness and burrow into himself, sulking.

She may fly into some intense and frightening rages. It could be, instead, the beginning of a new understanding. This man and woman have many lessons to teach one another. In the past, many people have tried to get him to see with his heart, and failed. In the past, many people have tried to persuade her to be less suspicious of happiness, to be more open with her feelings, and have not succeeded.

Post Pagination Next Post Next. Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Like it? Share with your friends!

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Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

When it comes to love, your sun sign, and the sun sign of your partner, can tell you quite a bit about how you will get along. It is certainly not the case that there are only twelve personality types in the world and that we know exactly how a person will behaved based on when they were born. But the position of the stars in the moment of our birth does have a big impact on our natural personality traits.

What on earth would bring a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman together, you may wonder. How does one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac end up paired with one of the most inhibited?

Email address:. While not the easiest combination, the Virgo man Scorpio woman relationship can be very interesting if the partners manage to get along well. But even so, they will still find a way to be happy together. It will be almost impossible to break these two because, in time, they tend to become overly attached to one another. The Scorpio woman will love the fact that the Virgo man is so practical.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Last Updated on February 29th, Then this guide is for you! The initial stages of the relationship between a Virgo man and a Scorpio woman require much tending. This is because the two appear to operate from different planes. For example, the Virgo male is patient and analytical. But, nothing is unachievable in the world of love. If the couple does purpose to enjoy love compatibility, they can achieve their desire. The industrious attitude of the Virgo can blend with the forceful drive of the Scorpio. This couple also has to practice a lot of give-and-take. There should be no grey areas that can plant seeds of doubt in the mind of either.


Virgo and Scorpio compatibility is high because this pair has a lot in common. The two commits to the love affair right from the outset. Virgo and Scorpio are not the kiss and tell type. Both Virgo and Scorpio work together to construct a happy home life and environment.

Know the percentages of different aspects of your physical and mental state. Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you choose the right kind of life partner.

Some say that a Virgo man-Scorpio woman match is a perfect union. Others are of the opinion that this is the combination to destroy the best in each other. Virgo and Scorpio are the two zodiac signs that have a significant characteristic difference.

Is a Virgo Man Compatible with a Scorpio Woman?

Money is on the Virgo man's mind, maybe even obsessively so. One of you is feeling torn between torn between sticking with what you know and going after a new opportunity. Do some real cost-benefit analysis. It may in fact be the right time to go out of a limb but neither of you can do that alone.

Our Scorpio Woman and Virgo Man compatibility rating is 9. The elements and the qualities work in synch because of the curious but favorable planetary combinations in effect. With a little adjustment on both your sides, this should be a passionate and mutually beneficial relationship. Water vs Earth - The elements work well in this combination of Water and Earth; you have what each other needs and are willing to help and protect one another without question. Fixed vs Mutable - Because of the particular combination of planets, the qualities work in such a way as to allow both of you to have an almost mystical experience together.

Virgo Man – Scorpio Woman Compatibility

Virgo and Scorpio Love Compatibility In exchange the fixed sign will have to fight an inch and be willing to try new things. When all is good, you are deeply simpatico, nurturing another and sharing romantic, thoughtful gestures. The downside? Your fluctuating moods may fight, causing dramatic fights that can escalate into an unnecessary cold war. In astrology love matches, we also measure compatibility by the man , or distance, between the two signs. Your signs are sextile , or two signs apart.

Oct 22, - When with the woman in Scorpio, the Virgo man feels secure and at peace. He will love that she's ambitious and determined to achieve her goals.

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. He needs you. You can help him.

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman Compatibility

A Virgo man and Scorpio woman make a great combination. Both signs are quiet and serious, and they understand each other. They understand each other so well, in fact, that they often do not need words to communicate.

If there is something Scorpio would like to fight for, it is the chastity of Virgo. This is a very interesting couple in the domain of sexual activity — one of them hiding their sexuality, and the other acting as sex itself. Even though Scorpio can be too rough of Virgo, making them feel uncomfortable and even violated in a way, in most relationships between representatives of these two signs, there is enough rationality to the approach of Virgo to make this contact possible.





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