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You might have seen them all over social media — faux film photos complete with time stamps, random light leaks, and a grainy vintage look. Here are just 8 of them to choose from. Via Amvsement A post shared by? Via Google Play What about retro-style videos? VHS Cam is an app that turns your videos into something like your childhood home clips.

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Vintage Film Mobile Apps

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Jun 26, pm By Mollie Crandell. For more on influencer marketing and Gen Z, check out our Kitten Agency. Nope, not lately. Shitty photos are IN. Scrolling through my Instagram, I zoomed in on photos that seemed overly edited with super fine detail. If you scroll down past the mixture of selfies, snapchats, and professional photos, you see a bunch of Polaroid-like grainy photos.

No doubt she takes some bomb ass selfies, but almost every photo she has contains a good amount of grain. Why not just use film? A serious swoop.

Loving life.. So, are you ready to make your photos look like shit? Each effect is a glitch that actually makes it look like something went wrong with your photo. Actually, you really can. Remember when your parents used to make you watch embarrassing videos by putting a VHS tape in your video machine?

If you have a photo that you want to look more retro, this is the app to have. The filters are beautiful and highly realistic, giving your photos a more authentic look. In this app, you can choose filters based off of actual film types people used in their point and shoots.

This is a super easy to use app that specializes in film emulsions, making your photos look desaturated and grainy af. Need to add some light leaks, grain, textures, and analog film effects?

Wanna pixelate the shit out of your images? Like seriously, this app makes your photos look like they could be straight out of MarioKart. It also has very cute retro effects and will make most of your photos look like a video game. Just like the title, this app will add a splash of color along with some glitches to digitize and mess up your photos real bad. Who could forget the feeling of waiting at a photo booth for your photo strip?

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These 10 apps will make your photos look like shit, in a good way Pop. Cover Story Pop. Cover Story Music Pop.

Top 10 best retro camera apps for iPhone

Everyone loves that old-school film look. And now, with modern technology, you can get those retro film tones from the palm of your hand — with your mobile device. Now, with the help of your mobile device, you can get super 8 film effects, vhs overlays and more for all of your best memories!

We still think that Instagram has some of the best filters and effects out there for your iPhone photos, but sometimes we need an alternative or just want to switch things up. Below we have selected our favorite vintage and retro filter apps that will let you express your creativity on your terms. Big Lens focuses on the tilt-shift aspect of retro photography and does a great job at giving photos that perfect blurred-out-background look.

Open Instagram at any part of the day and you will find a certain type of pictures extremely common. Photographs with beautiful light leaks , grains and Polaroid effects dot the feed of almost every person trying to make it in the world as an aesthete. From carefully orchestrated flash and lighting to expertly placed overlays, these pictures seem to have come into the internet world out of the blue and are not leaving the long list of trends any time soon. These are of the same time as that of the ones that popped up during the Retrowave and Vaporwave frenzy but are a lot more subtle and soothing to the eye than the previous ones that had a ton of blinding colors and a large number of glitches edited into a single picture. The Huji wave has taken the world by storm and it is safe to say that the community is still obsessed with vintage filters.

5 Vintage Camera Apps That Give You The Perfect Retro Effect

Download Roidizer for your Android device today and take pictures with Polaroid effects. You can even add text to the bottom of your Polaroid shots using any of the 6 different fonts Roidizer has to offer to make the picture even more personal. Choose from any of the 10 different films for your picture and the auto-focus option to exercise some creativity. The best part is, Roidizer is free and ad-free, ready to be downloaded to your Android device today. PicsArt may be well-known for adding clipart to your images, but it also packs a lot of fun retro magic effects. Zoom, crop and edit your way through your photos and achieve the look that you want. Photos will always turn out vivid and clear. No more stumbling around, figuring out how to make things work with this app.

The Top 14 Apps to Edit Your Instagram Photos and Videos Like a Pro

All the filters are divided into collections, where you can find different color emulations and effects such as bokeh and scratches. Once you select a filter, tap it again to see the effect subtly change right before your eyes. Each variation will alter the light leak, scratches and textures. Each filter has more than 30 variations to cycle through by tapping.

Jun 26, pm By Mollie Crandell. For more on influencer marketing and Gen Z, check out our Kitten Agency.

If you want give your photos that authentic retro effect, all you have to do is download Retrocam. Reproduce the style of classic cameras and vintage film by tinkering with highlights, shadows, tints, fade, saturation, and vignette, coupled with light leaks for a retro feel. Retrocam is designed to do what only film can do in just a few taps.

8 Must-Have Photo Apps for That Authentic Retro Effect

Nostalgia is just part of the human nature. When iPhone became a cult and one of the most popular camera phones in the world, app developers wasted no time in creating vintage photo apps which make your photo look like they were shot 50 years ago. These photos look like distant memories already the moment they are taken and they radiate a warm, nostalgic feeling. These apps make iPhone the new Polaroid and Kodak Instamatic, and the best part is they cost next to nothing or are totally free.

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Every day your audience gets bombarded with many different pictures and videos showing up on their timelines. You can take your own photos without hiring a professional. Now you can use that extra cash and apply it to other aspects of your business to focus on the newest marketing trends. Instagram has tools allowing you to edit your photos and videos directly on their platform. Those might be okay for the average person, but your business should avoid them. There are other apps available that can help make your photos stand out.

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Jan 15, - It's one of the most popular photo apps in the App Store for good reason: it's simple, has great vintage-looking filters, and can make a photo of.


Best retro photo apps for Android


Best Vintage Photo Apps For iPhone






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