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Should i find a better boyfriend

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We all like the thought of sharing our lives with someone, and having another person to rely on during the tough times. Here are some things that are way better than a boyfriend:. Sleeping spread eagle with all the blankets. Not to mention all the pillows and no sweaty dude to smack you in the face when he thrashes like a fish on land. Hello eight hours of solid, uninterrupted slumber. Coming home to find your snack stash intact.


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I’ve started to feel like my boyfriend isn’t ‘the one’, should I leave?

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My boyfriend and I are in our mid-twenties and have been together for 7 years. He's a kind, loving and respectful partner, so I find it difficult to explain exactly why I feel this way. Of course, like anybody, he isn't perfect. He can lack assertiveness and ambition which I find frustrating. He can also be quite clingy and easily offended. However, I feel I've undermined his confidence over the years by more than once saying that I plan to leave — only for him to persuade me to stay.

We've moved several times for work and study and as a result, have ended up quite isolated from friends and my family. We both feel lonely at times and I often find myself retreating into unlikely fantasies of a life where he doesn't feature. I think I sound selfish, as I know he loves me very much and is a good guy. But another part of me feels it is selfish to stay with someone I'm not in love with. I find it difficult to know whether I should stay or go, and don't want to hurt him and myself only to find that life isn't greener.

What felt exciting in your early twenties can seems dull in your mid-twenties even when there are a lot of good things about the relationship. The end result is that both of you end up feeling stuck. In one way though he is right. Couples in these situations can often work through difficult feelings and find new ways of reconnecting.

You say that he is not the assertive person you would like, and is easily offended and clingy. Of course, the qualities you describe are very important in a relationship and many people would I think feel envious that you have a partner who is offering these things to you.

Some would advise you to hang on to this relationship at all costs; certainly, he sounds like a good man. Of course, you could get some couple counselling and maybe sort out new ways forward and perhaps hear each other better.

I think you have to level with him. It might be helpful to actually say that the reason you so often want to leave is because he finds it so difficult to acknowledge any problems in the relationship. Perhaps admitting that there might be makes him feel like a failure when in fact, if you could discuss things differently, there may be away forward together. He may be very angry and distressed that you really mean business, but ultimately the feelings you describe can eat away at a relationship with both partners ending up resentful and unsatisfied with the lives they have together.

It may have been a really wonderful experience some of the time but now you want to see what life has in store for you. Ammanda says Did you find this article useful? We hope so. There were over 11 million views of articles like this on our website last year.

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20 Tips on How to Be the Best Boyfriend

Thousands of his clients have fallen in love, gotten married, started families, and found happiness, after only a few months of coaching. By helping women understand men—what they think, how they act, and what they really want—he empowers them to make healthy, informed choices in love. Facebook Group. Enter your email to get our free PDF cheat sheet on minimalism tips for family members. You'll also get a weekly email with inspiration and life tips!

Dearest Evan, Wow! Thanks for helping me grow!

There are two keys to finding that perfect partner who you can actually have a real relationship with. The first key is to know exactly what you want to see in your other half. The second key is to be that partner. We all know that a relationship is a two-way process. If you want some traits to exist in your partner, then you need to develop those in yourself, too.

How to be a Better Boyfriend: The Best She’s Ever Had

The following are 25 ways to be a better boyfriend to your significant other updated on April 27, :. Love her through actions. Walk your talk. If you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence. Work your love harder. Do you miss her? Why not do your best effort to be with her? Being together with your girlfriend is better than telling her you miss her through texts, Facebook messages, and other virtual channels. Love yourself. Girls are naturally caring people.

How to Find a Good Boyfriend: 8 Uncommon Tips for Attracting an Amazing Man

My boyfriend and I are in our mid-twenties and have been together for 7 years. He's a kind, loving and respectful partner, so I find it difficult to explain exactly why I feel this way. Of course, like anybody, he isn't perfect. He can lack assertiveness and ambition which I find frustrating.

Ah, dating.

I enjoy helping men improve their style, romantic relationships, and quality of life. Being in love is one thing, but keeping that love alive is another. An ideal man needs to master the art of both. Once you have found your dream girl, follow these tips to keep her head over heels for you.

45 Little Ways You Know You Have A Good Boyfriend

It's not so much about actively resisting temptation as it is about not even perceiving it. In other words, it's not necessarily about whether you've been actively flirting or intimate with someone else. In fact, there doesn't even have to be a specific someone else.

Jorge's relationship advice is based on experience and observation. He's seen many people—including himself—get seduced and hurt by love. By now you've probably noticed that looking for a good partner doesn't really work. Search all you want, the more you claw through masses of potential suitors, the more you find poor match after poor match. While, yes, action is better than inaction, the quality of your action still matters a lot, too. There is a middle ground between forcibly looking for a relationship and just idly waiting until one falls in your lap.

25 Ways to be a Better Boyfriend

If you want to keep a relationship going with someone you care deeply about, treating them right is essential. This is the main reason I broke up with guys and why most of my friends ditched their exes. Most relationships end this way. Some guys are absolutely amazing people. If you want to make sure your girl stays with you and ensure you have a happy relationship, work on being a better boyfriend to your lover. This list is all you need to know in order to make that a reality and prolong your relationship. Girls process information by talking and venting. You are there to support her and all she asks is that you actually listen.

If you will not know what you want in your partner, how will you be able to find him/her? The second key is to be that partner. We all know that a relationship is a.

A few disclaimers: yes, I'm aware that this list is pretty much the grossest to anyone who hate-clicked on it. I'm also aware that it is super heteronormative — we have an article about " little ways you know you have a good girlfriend " as well, for what it's worth. Additionally, most of the items on this list are just things that make you a good partner, period. I think that many of the traits that we say distinguish a good boyfriend or partner, or man, or whichever word you prefer are often considered "normal" traits in a woman. All that said, I also don't think that doesn't mean the boyfriends out there who are doing it right don't deserve to be called out for being awesome.

How to Find a Better Boyfriend or Girlfriend

This is going to be a hard pill to swallow, but have you ever thought that maybe you are the problem? Go ahead and stay single then, we are just trying to help you here. Have you ever considered that you are putting too much pressure on people to be awesome all the time?

Should I Keep Trying to Find a Better Boyfriend?

Updated: April 18, References. A good relationship depends on love, respect and good communication. Finding a good boyfriend can be difficult, especially if you've been burned in the past by bad relationships.



Women Share All The Things Men Could Do To Be Better Partners



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