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I have been in leadership for 3 years, as class secretary, class president and currently as ASB president. Throughout this time I have learned the ins and out of being a leader. As part of leadership I have headed projects like the Olympic themed assembly and the Homecoming Dance, the first dance in the gym instead of the commons! Finally, I would be remiss not to mention that I am the only rising senior running for the presidential position, and I guarantee you that looking at myself last year, I would not have the experience or knowledge to hold such an esteemed position. I am running for ASB president because I know how it feels to be left out. The main complaint of MIHS, and the reason my own sister chose to attend another high school, is the cliquey culture.

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Peter Birks peterbirks wrote, - 03 - 31 Peter Birks peterbirks - 03 - 31 Previous Share Flag Next. I assume that many of you have seen The Spanish Prisoner, a David Mamet film starring Steve Martin but don't let that put you off, it's a good movie.

This is not an easy one to unravel, particularly since as in Mamet , nothing seems to be as it seems, so to speak. Last autumn, Lehman provided funds to a medical business, believing Marubeni to be the counterparty. The first repayment fees were due on February No fees were forthcoming. Marubeni has effectively said "this is nothing to do with us, you were scammed".

Lehman says that it was everything to do with Marubeni, and that they want their money. Those are the bare bones. But how Lehman got scammed is pure theatre. They met Yamaura and Nitahara -- senior leaders in Marubeni's Life Care Department, but allegedly only contract employees, and a man lehman Bros thought was Koichi Sato, the Department's general manager and a salaried employee , at Marubeni's offices.

The money was to finance a medical business. Lehman claims it was shown letters showing that Goldman Sachs had undertaken a similar transaction. Lehman provided the funds to Asclepius which, by the by, filed for bankruptcy this month.

When no repayments were forthcoming on Feb 29, Lehman Bros heard that Yamaura and Nitahara had been sacked. They asked to meet Koichi Sato. The Koichi Sato they were introduced to was not the same man as the "Koichi Sato" who had met Lehman with Yamaura and Nitahara at Marubeni's offices the previous Autumn. And no-one has the faintest idea where the money is. The whole thing was pure fraud. This isn't rogue trader country -- it's a con that makes Ocean's Eleven look like peanuts.

It is, I would say, the greatest straight theft from a bank in history. And all it took was a few forged documents, a single imposter, and a couple of guys who knew how the business worked. The money goes into Asclepius. It goes out of Asclepius into another shell company. It goes out of that shell company as payment for "medical supplies" none of which really exist to a raft of other front companies. If you move the money around fast enough, then by February 29 it could be anywhere and it would take years of auditing to track it down.

By which time, of course, it will have been transferred elsewhere. The fact is, you can still move money faster than you can track it.

Well, that's my take on what happened. Post a new comment Error Comments allowed for friends only Anonymous comments are disabled in this journal. We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post We will log you in after post Anonymously. Your reply will be screened Your IP address will be recorded. Post a new comment.

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Is there a David Mamet in the house?

We produce your own this archive for customers. My GP gave me a few shots of testosterone prior to precribing the gel. I found this clinic on the Internet. What can you say about it?

Hej gumman!! Saknar er alla!!

Institute of Peace. Paul J. Bush Administration. The views expressed are their own. So far, the twenty-first century has been a frustrating one for Americans.

Prevent Bed Bugs from Coming Home: Travel Tips

Following on from our recent piece exploring personal trainers and exercise physiologists, it felt only natural to look deeper into the world of allied health — in particular, physiotherapy and exercise physiology. This enquiry comes from patients, friends, family members, other health professionals… and it is a valid question. There can be some overlap between our worlds, but like most things, we work better together. I always begin with the fact that exercise physiology is a relatively new profession. Our national body ESSA was founded in , with Medicare recognition granted to exercise physiology services in just Compare this to the Australian Physiotherapy Association , which was established in , and you can see why people are more familiar with their local physio! From the above common ground, we can start to understand the key points of difference between the two. I was going to sit and start listing differences in scope of practice, diagnostic capability, hands-on vs hands-off treatment, etc… but I believe we learn best through story. Here are some case studies from Upwell which epitomise exercise physiology and physiotherapy collaboration in action:. Marilyn was seeing our physiotherapist Ash for longstanding lower back pain after being referred into Upwell for Clinical Pilates by her osteopath a great referrer who we work with frequently.

ASB Elections: Candidate Pitches

Once established in a home, bed bugs are difficult to remove. Treatments can be time, labor and material intensive to truly rid the home of all bed bugs present. The best offense is a strong defense. Prevent bed bugs from coming home in the first place. When you travel, keep these pointers in mind to reduce the risk of your bringing bed bugs home with you:.

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I know he wants out, but he keeps getting in his own way. I resented him because he was crumbling my parents marriage. I wanted my parents to be proud of me. I excelled in school, getting straight As, volunteering, signing up for every extracurricular activity, playing sports and captaining, not having a sip of alcohol all throughout high school, and in general, being a straight laced kid. I saw Dave for the first time in several years a couple of weeks ago while I was in St. Petersburg for HSN.


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Nov 18, - U.S. moral authority has suffered real damage over the last two decades. Even U.S. allies and friends like Germany, France and Brazil have.








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