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Matching outfits for twin boy and girl

It seems, for many parents of same sex multiples, matching outfits is their preference and that of their twins too. The main reasons given were for ease of shopping, speed when dressing and to avoid tantrums because their twins wanted to wear the same. Even since before our twins were born, I was determined to raise them as individuals, hence the blog name. Instead it may strengthen their sense of self and developing personalities. To nurture this, it may mean we as parents have to work a little harder or spend an extra few minutes choosing separate outfits but for me that seems worthwhile.

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Twins / Brother - Sister Matching Clothes

The two little girls go to the same playgroup we do. Matching blue eyes, matching tufts of blonde hair, and also, every week, matching clothes. Down to the socks. I wish I could say they were idiosyncratic, that this was the only pair I knew with constantly coordinated frocks.

But twins with identical wardrobes is a common sight, indeed. As a mother of twins myself, I have an eye for picking same-aged siblings out of a crowd. For the parents, perhaps, for the onlookers. What message, however, is it sending the children themselves? Twins are a source of endless fascination, and there are more of them now than ever before. As a culture, we foist a magical quality onto their existence, which can have little bearing on the hard facts of raising them.

Likewise, the imagery of twinhood is about a fused, harmonious identity: peas in a pod, mirror images, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

The reality, though, is something else. A failure to recognize this is a potential danger to the emotional health of the twins themselves. So says expert Joan A. Friedman, experientially enchanted in this arena as both a mother of twins and a twin herself.

In this respect, it is not surprising that twins are given similar sounding names, often with the same first letter. Clothes, like names, matter because they are an overt and symbolic representation of identity. When they are matchy-matchy, the message is not one of individuality. A sense of self is important to nurture in every child. Once in a while, it is adorable, to be sure: for a special occasion or a photography session.

Done routinely, it becomes parental reinforcement of the idea that two people, with separate personalities and separate core beings, should be seen as painted with the same brush.

Twins are already forced to share so much that is out of their control. From a practical point of view, they are bound to occupy a common ground for years—literally and metaphorically—especially before the opportunity arises to separate them in a school environment. They move through the phases of childhood with a friend, a witness, a foil continually by their side.

This is a profound partnership, where identity issues are real and problematic. Dressing twins as one of a set during such an impressionable time in their lives, as darling as it might look, only serves to blur the line between them.

Want to read more thought-provoking essays? A published classicist turned stay-at-home mom of four including twins , Lauren thinks less about the Greeks these days and more about parenting, the tragedy and comedy alike.

She writes regularly at www. Connect with her on Facebook facebook. Additional posts by Lauren Apfel. Tags: children and childhood , identity , Lauren Apfel , motherhood , twins. However, they have similar taste in clothing and are given to fighting over particular outfits the pirate t-shirt, the purple pajamas, etc…. To avoid this fight I now stock two pairs of their favorite outfits. Sometimes they wear them on the same day and sometimes not. My choice as a parent is to give them the freedom to decide what to wear.

I think this is the ultimate in independence. I also wanted to add that when we go to a public event where I expect it to be crowded I often purposely dress them identically. Not because it is cute but rather, for safety purposes. When I am only looking for one outfit I can more easily scan a crowd and keep track of my children.

I can completely understand the scenario you describe and it sounds like you have already worked hard to foster individuality for your twins which can be so difficult! Perhaps a good analogy here is the baby girl dressed head-to-toe in pink from the minute she is born, who, surprise, surprise, comes to think pink is the only color for her.

So much of what we do as parents early on is formative in this way. Also, I love that your boy and girl have free range to choose the same kinds of clothes as each other. My three year old son is constantly wearing the purple pajamas. I agree that much of the twin mystique is synthetic.

I rarely dressed my identical twins alike though we had a lot of matching gifts. I felt like they already looked the same — why increase the confusion of who was who?

I was also happy to separate them in school so they could develop separately. At nine, they appear to now be in a stage of differentiating themselves from each other, perhaps more than two singleton siblings would. But they do have a bond that is unique to twins I think and not externally or culturally imposed. Even though their extracurricular activities differ, they never like to sleep apart.

I dressed mine alike so they were easier to spot in a crowd, on the beach,at a park …safety. Interesting, I never thought of that! Are your twins the same sex? If not, would you have still done so? I totally agree. I really dislike seeing twins dressed alike and, worse, with similar sounding names. They are separate people and however close they may be, may choose to be, parents should give them their chance to be individuals. My parents rarely dressed us alike and I have been thankful for that for my entire life.

I also appreciated the fact that they encouraged us to develop our own friendships outside of our bond. We had separate friends even in early childhood , went on separate play dates, went to separate sleep-overs.

Not all of the time but it was encouraged, not discouraged. We were and are very different people and thanks to our parents we were able to form our separate identities and thrive but NOT thanks to society in general which always expected us to be the same, like the same things, etc. We are emotionally close but we are equally close to our closest sister 3 years our senior. I really liked your article because it spoke to my feelings about the individuality of twins. I cringe when I see twins dressed alike, involved in the same activities, sharing the same friends.

I am also a fraternal twin and mom of identical twins. As kids we were always dressed the same and people expected us to be the same.

People compared us all the time. Having been dressed the same invited fierce competitions between us to prove that we were different. We had different friends and different interests. We only became closest friends at 17 by an unfortunate event in high school which left my sister ostracized and bullied. I took her side over my best friend and things changed between us after that.

I have never dressed my identical sons in the same outfits and never treated them the same way. They are frustrated by it. They are completely different in personality, favourites, they like different things and they pick their outfits to wear since they were 3. I decided to do that because then they were babies our pediatrician checked them on the same appointment and then mixed up their notes in their charts.

I only noticed this when we transferred to a new dr and I asked for the copies of their charts. So after that I made sure that appointments for the kids were always separate so they could be attended to individually and they would not be confused with each other. They picked their own piano teachers who I agree are the best match for each of their personalities and learning styles.

They do but within normal limits, not like we did. They never looked the same to me and certainly never acted the same, even in utero they were different. It sounds like your parents did a wonderful job carving out space for you and your sister to thrive as individuals, I aspire to the same thing with my twins.

And I have been surprised by how much effort it takes and how much of a conscious decision it needs to be to give them opportunities to develop as not just one of a pair.

I dress my ID twins alike and different. However I dress them has absolutely nothing to do with how I value them as individuals. Too much emphasis is being put on something as simple as an outfit, and I find it absurd. Since you are a mother of twins you should really think about this more and not just brush this off as something simple. I am a fraternal twin and was dressed the same as my twin sister until I objected in 4th grade. I wanted to be an individual and seen as different or special.

But it was very difficult for my sister who was comforted by the fact that she always looked like someone else. I know twins dressed the same are so cute. I would just suggest thinking more about this.

I take your point about photos and special occasions! You are right, these tend to be the images that stick with us and become emblematic of the childhood in a way, because continually displayed on the mantlepiece. I suppose my thinking in terms of writing this pieces was that there is such a temptation to dress twins the same that suggesting a downright ban would be too extreme.

And most people tend to choose the photo shoot as the opportunity to put even consecutively-spaced siblings in matching clothes. The picture attached to this article, for example, is a shot of my twins wearing coordinated outfits they received as a gift…I took it originally as a thank you to the giver, but it is now also framed on our windowsill.

Should you dress twins in identical clothes?

We are still dispatching all items as quickly as possible. If your twin kids are of months, these two bodysuits are definitely for you! Have your twin boys or girls look adorable in these boy and girl matching shirts.

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While dressing up twins in matching outfits is a cute idea, you can pick out some complementary designs and colors to make the ensembles that much more fun. Dress up your babies and toddlers in themed outfits and coordinates for special occasions, and pick out some fun designs and even rhinestone-bedecked pieces to keep them looking cute and stylish this season. Ruffled tees are among the top trends of the season and thee tees can be paired with denim shorts, jeans, or even leggings. Pick up something like this Twincess rhinestone ruffle tee that combines embroider and rhinestones. You can pick up a set of bodysuits like this Disney Cuddly Bodysuit to dress up each twin in a solid or printed bodysuit.

Twinning for the Win: 31 Best Twin Halloween Costumes

When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Thanks for your support! My friend put it well when asked what her favorite baby clothes were. This is where a local twin club comes in handy. Many clubs keep a closet of preemie clothes to pass on to their members. The oversized look is totally in anyway! Everyone twin parents, singleton parents, grandparents, the lady at the grocery store, etc. No matter which side of the line you are on, what it really comes down to is practicality. Do what is easiest for you.

Twin Baby Boy and Girl Matching Outfits

Our huge selection of pre-coordinated clothing options allows you to easily find matching outfits for all of the siblings in your family in one convenient location. Matching sibling outfits are perfect for family outings, pictures, holiday gatherings or any other time you want to coordinate your children's clothing. Celebrate the special connection your kids have with one another by dressing them alike. Brother sister matching outfits also make great gifts. Give a pair of outfits to a friend or family member expecting twins for a gift the mom-to-be is sure to love.

In this article: Twin baby Halloween costumes Twin toddler Halloween costumes. The best baby and infant twin Halloween costumes are ones that play off our favorite dynamic duos.

It is not necessary to opt for matching outfits for your twin babies if one is a boy and another girl. Boys look cool in dark blue denim shirts and pants. And here the girl baby is in sky blue frock.

Clothes for a twin baby boy & girl

The two little girls go to the same playgroup we do. Matching blue eyes, matching tufts of blonde hair, and also, every week, matching clothes. Down to the socks. I wish I could say they were idiosyncratic, that this was the only pair I knew with constantly coordinated frocks.


The right outfits for your babies adds another layer of visual interest to your smash cake photography. It also says something about the photographer that put the set together and is a great opportunity to show off your unique artistic style. Take charge of your photo shoots and always have at least one outfit available that fits your upcoming cake smash session. Extra outfits means extra pictures and turns into additional sales. Twins first birthday sessions are always great fun if a lot of work.

Twin Baby Boy And Girl Matching Outfits

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Shop for twin outfits at these online sites. It's "two" cute to outfit your twins in matching or coordinated clothing, but sometimes it can be difficult to find clothes for twins. These sites feature outfits for twins, triplets, and other multiples, providing you with one-stop shopping from the comfort of your computer.






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