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Love between virgo woman and gemini man

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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. It was not really a happy question to ask him; it was like an examination paper that asks grammar, when what you want to be asked is Kings of England. This is not a love affair that will automatically be draped in clouds of rainbows and blankets of flowers, for these two face the severe test of the Sun Sign Pattern influence, with both its trials and its benefits, each of which can be considerable. They have a rather rough romantic row to hoe.



Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Love Compatibility

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Trusted Psychic Mediums. As such, avoiding hurt in this relationship is high on the agenda of them both, but the reality is sometimes a little more harsh. Part of doing so means unravelling their symbolism and personalities. Personalities, in very much the plural sense, are definitely the name of the game for Gemini. This star sign is symbolised in astrology by two twins, representing the multiple perspectives and differing personas these folks have.

However, that love of precise information is shared with practical and meticulous Virgo. Virgo people are often horrified at the depravity to which humankind can fall, with negative news stories or talk in their social circle of secrets and lies astounding and disheartening them. The mind of Virgo is a well oiled machine, precisely tuned to the task at hand. Each of them conceals a mind palace of unfathomable depth and breadth, into which only a select few are allowed to enter — and of whom fewer still, bar perhaps one another, understands.

The Virgo man prefers to not let their sparks fly in public, but his wilder side could well surprise behind closed doors.

The Virgo man is either highly educated, or has taught himself the ways of the world through practical self teaching. The intelligence of this man is sure to catch even the eye of the easily distracted Gemini woman.

The Virgo man will be curious about this behaviour, but also find it impractical in the long term. Early dates between this pair will be sweet and tender, although if the Virgo man is tasked with making the first move, he may take some time getting up to speed.

Indeed, the here today, gone tomorrow ways of the Gemini woman could well draw his sardonic criticism , as could her capacity to cancel plans at the last minute, change her mind about the venue or — horror of horrors — rock up late to something.

Virgo people do not abide lateness. However, she is more adaptive to his needs than he is to hers, thanks to her marvellous mental flexibility. Some astrologers say the Gemini man is the great social chameleon of the zodiac, and with good cause. From a young age, this fellow established that his life ran smoothest when he adapted his persona to best fit his surroundings and the company being kept. As such, the Gemini man is someone of not just good looks, but also admirable social grace.

He can be solemn at a funeral, joyful at a wedding, wild at a party and — of course — tender on a romantic date. His intelligence and perspective on society is what often distinguishes him in the eyes of the Virgo woman.

She is extremely selective on her choice of partner, accepting no less than perfection — a perspective she sometimes has to relax on, since nobody is truly perfect. The Gemini man can accomplish this with style, but she still feels on guard — is he as on the level as he appears? In short, the Gemini man is easily bored, and the slow and steady courtship and long term commitment the Virgo woman needs may well be the opposite of what he wants.

It can be difficult balancing the needs of the match between a Gemini man and Virgo woman. She likes a stable rhythm to life — a place for everything, and everything in its place. The Gemini man, meanwhile, wants everything, everywhere, all the time. His mind cannot keep still. In a friendship between Gemini and Virgo, the differences between the pair are still pronounced, but are at least easier to navigate. Gemini people are far and away the more actively social of this duo, and are always chattering and making plans to catch up with people.

Their world is one full of fresh perspectives gained not only through their own inner multiple points of view, but those of the many lives they touch. Virgo people are far more solitary by comparison, although get annoyed when people label them as shy.

While there are indeed many coy Virgo folks, their perspective is more that wasted words are unproductive, and they also like their creature comforts. Nonetheless, the ideas and ideologies that both Gemini and Virgo friends have means they enjoy some superb ways of giving one another advice or guidance. Likewise, Virgo has a remarkably pragmatic side that is often combined with their naturally nurturing ways. Gemini is an optimistic star sign, and Virgo can often use a bit of a sunnier perspective on life, or fun activities out and about.

Virgo might not be as keen to run around as frenziedly as ever energised Gemini does, but shopping and lunch dates make excellent ways for these two to catch up. Catching up might become the default way these friends converse as the years go by. Gemini is always busy and always captivated by something new, and so often will fall off the map for a few weeks while chasing new avenues of opportunity. Intellectual pursuits, puzzles and things that engage their brilliant minds are great ways for Gemini and Virgo friends to connect.

Its likely that games of mental agility or visits to museums and galleries will prove fascinating ways to spend time together as their friendship grows. Yet even the most romantically inclined Gemini will find married life boring if variety is not part of it day to day.

Here, Virgo may struggle, as their preference is more along the lines of rigid dependability and knowing what each day will bring. As such, the Virgo spouse is likely to create a kind of structure to the marriage that the Gemini spouse finds difficult to be happy within.

That said, they can find glee in their own independent life, but should be sure to communicate to Virgo that they need their own space to wander and roam. However, Gemini also must make sure that they do so responsibly, as Virgo is not going to stand for any nonsense. In fact, the Virgo spouse is very selective and becomes critical, which Gemini will get fed up with pretty fast. However, intellectual nourishment will be remarkably prevalent in this marriage, and if it goes the distance, Gemini and Virgo married partners can prove very inspiring to one another.

Gemini is adaptive, but Virgo prefers a more solid structure — this pair will need to learn how to harmonise with one another if wedded life is to survive.

The speed at which life is embraced and digested by the mind is a big part of why Gemini and Virgo couples have problems they must address. Yet discussion itself can prove problematic, not least since it often seems that Gemini speaks far more than he or she acts. Virgo will notice occasions in which Gemini puts forth a wonderful idea, but then does nothing to make sure anything has come of it.

Gemini feels discouraged in those moments, and likely assets their freedom by doing their own thing — something that, when enacted spontaneously, Virgo finds difficult to adapt to. More than this, both Gemini and Virgo have a tendency to let their emotional sides run cold from time to time. If both of them are doing so simultaneously, the relationship can seem to onlookers to be practically subzero rather than hot and passionate!

Worse still, should they spill over into actual infidelity, Virgo will be impossible to win over again, and is liable to cut Gemini out of their life with cool surgical precision. While those characters are exaggerated, their perspectives are definitely relatable for Gemini and Virgo in love. Both of these star signs are often defined by their incredible minds, and every other star sign benefits from knowing these folks as a result.

Likewise, Virgo teaches us all the value of forward planning and proceeding with caution from time to time, playing by the rules. Bridging this gap is the biggest step both Gemini and Virgo in love can take to making sure their relationship lasts a lifetimes. Username or Email Address. Search Search for: Search.

Many Virgo people are emotionally reserved as a result, very rarely fully opening up to anyone. They like doing things a certain way, and bristle at the thought of a disorganised alternative. To Gemini, this singular perspective is confusing, as is the quietness of Virgo in general. Yet in the minds of one another, Gemini and Virgo in love find a sumptuous and soulful poetry. Hey there! Sign in. Forgot your password?

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Virgo Woman Gemini Man

Donna Roberts. Is Virgo woman Gemini man compatible mentally, emotionally and sexually? The Virgo woman is solid and stable, while the Gemini man is carefree and flighty.

Gemini and Virgo have a good deal in common — both signs are ruled by Mercury, the communicator , and both signs are mutable, giving both of these partners a flexible, adaptable approach to life. How does that translate into Gemini man Virgo woman compatibility?

A match between a Gemini man and a Virgo woman can be somewhat contradictory as they both are entirely different personalities. The Virgo woman is quite sensible and stable and the Gemini man is unstable, funny and always living in a dream world. But if in a relationship, their difference of natures can actually complement each other and enhance each other's characteristics. A Gemini man is a very intelligent man who is very curious and inquisitive about anything around him.


A Gemini man and Virgo woman are a surprisingly good match by zodiac sign. They do annoy each other somewhat, but they are both ruled by the same planet, Mercury. This common rulership gives them a mutual understanding of each other. Also, Mercury is a very good planet for relationships because it governs communication. Many difficulties can be solved when there is good communication, and these two signs will talk to each other a lot. The Airy Mercury of Gemini is flighty and curious. A Gemini man is interested in lots of different things, and he tends to flit from subject to subject without apparent rhyme or reason. He loves to talk, and he knows a little bit about everything.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman

Trusted Psychic Mediums. As such, avoiding hurt in this relationship is high on the agenda of them both, but the reality is sometimes a little more harsh. Part of doing so means unravelling their symbolism and personalities. Personalities, in very much the plural sense, are definitely the name of the game for Gemini.

Email address:. The Gemini man and the Virgo woman will fascinate each other.

Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Gemini and Virgo compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Gemini man guide and Virgo woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Gemini Man and Virgo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Gemini and Virgo compatibility makes forming a friendship and falling in love a breeze. The draw this couple feels stems from the fact they share the same ruling planet. With Mercury at the helm, Gemini and Virgo are a chatty and intimate duo both in and out of bed.

The Virgo woman really needs to go with her gut instincts about a secret that she is holding in. Entrust the Gemini man with the information, especially if it is good news that impacts you both, but otherwise don't confide widely. For the Gemini man relationship may be winding down and an ending in the works no matter what you say or do. It could be that you have learned all you can from a mentor figure. Show gratitude before moving on to a new source of learning.

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Are you a Virgo woman interested in winning over a Gemini man? It may be your lucky day! These two are a bit of a cerebral connection. They are both witty and charming so the Gemini man finds himself drawn to the mystique and curiosity he feels around the Virgo woman. These two very easily blend well and are playful with one another which will make it comfortable for these two to get to know each other. He will appreciate this and will draw him in. He likes to take his time and since you are typically careful, this should be fairly easy for you. Forging a friendly bond will help to build more in the long run.

Im a Gemini male and I recently dated a Virgo female. we first started off as good friends then we became lovers. at first it seemed like we were going to be.

If you want to know more about how compatible you are with the person you are interested in, you only need to find out her horoscope sign, to begin with. For such an analysis you need more information about a person than their horoscope sign. The horoscope sign compatibility analysis is done by comparing the base traits of the horoscope signs of the two persons. This analysis can give a lot of insight about their relationship in general as well as the issues which they can encounter.

Gemini Man And Virgo Woman: Love & Relationship Compatibility

We are talking about a combination of two zodiac signs ruled by the same planet. This Gemini man and Libra woman compatibility may have its own advantages and disadvantages, according to how they take their relation. Both the male Gemini and the female Virgo is ruled by the plant of Mercury.

Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, not a very sexual planet at first glance. However, this affects them in different ways, for Gemini is a masculine sign, always ready to explore, while Virgo is a feminine sign, shy and sensitive. Their sexual relationship is hardly promising, but they both have the need to communicate. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress.

A lady-killer Gemini man will be able to "hook" the increased interest of the Virgo woman to his way of life. Virgo considers Gemini as an interesting, explosive, restless man.




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