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How to find someones verizon cell phone number

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Well, the best way to find out is by doing a phone number lookup! Similar to running a Sprint phone number lookup , you can search any Verizon Wireless phone number to see who it belongs to. Verizon customers used to be able to use Verizon White Pages to do a reverse phone search, but this is no longer available. A Verizon Wireless phone number lookup is performed by searching online to see who a Verizon phone number belongs to.

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Verizon Reverse Phone Number Lookup

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Verizon Wireless doesn't allow you to search for the owner of a phone number on its own website. Instead, try a variety of other websites, including search engines such as Google and Bing, Whitepages and Facebook, to search for Verizon numbers or those from any other carrier.

If you are receiving harassing or threatening phone calls to a Verizon number, Verizon can also help trace those calls, turning the information over to law enforcement. If you're researching Verizon phone numbers or those from any other carrier, it's worth checking if those numbers are listed anywhere online.

Even if you don't recognize a phone number, it might be listed on a public website if it belongs to a business or to someone who has a personal website. Visit Google, type the phone number into the "Search" box and click "Google Search. It's worth trying several variations on the number if you don't see it at first. For instance, you might try searching for " " and for "," in case the number is listed in one way and not the other.

If Google doesn't have a listing for the number, try doing the same searches with Bing. The two engines sometimes store and index slightly different pages. Whitepages is a phone number search engine. It's similar to, but not affiliated with, the traditional White Pages directories phone companies such as Verizon have long published. Since it's not connected with any particular carrier, this technique may work even if the number isn't a Verizon number or you're not sure which carrier issued it.

Visit Whitepages' reverse phone number search website, enter the phone number into the "Search" box and click the "Search" button. Even if Whitepages doesn't have information on who owns the number, it may have other potentially useful information, like the city and state where the number is registered.

If a Facebook account registered with a particular phone number has privacy settings that are searchable, you can find that account by searching Facebook. If you're receiving harassing or threatening calls to a Verizon phone, even if you're not sure if they're also made from a Verizon number, enlist Verizon's help in reporting them to law enforcement.

The number will be traced, though the information will be released only to a law enforcement agency. Contact your local police or Verizon's security department for more information. Steven Melendez is an independent journalist with a background in technology.

He has an undergraduate degree in computer science and has written for a variety of publications and was awarded the Knight Foundation scholarship to Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

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How to Search Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Numbers

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Mobile phones buy you a degree of anonymity since cell numbers aren't usually listed in phone books, but if you need to find a cell phone number or the owner of a cell number, you can still do it for free — all it takes is a little digging. The National Cellular Directory offers a "happy hour" each day, which is a one-hour window for free premium people searches.

I'm stuck in traffic, and I'm late for a meeting with an extremely important client. This woman's name is strictly A-list--I mean, she gets more Google hits than Donald Trump--and I'll be in serious trouble if I don't reach her. Only I can't find her mobile number I can look up your client's cell-phone number in my system and connect you right away.

Is There A Verizon Cell Phone Numbers Directory?

Design and share beautiful newsletters just like this one! Spread the word with an online newsletter. They're easy to make and impossible to mess up :. Alex is using Smore newsletters to spread the word online. Get email updates from Alex :. In the following article, I'll try to explain why the old way of looking up numbers isn't very effective and how it's done today. First off if the phone number you're looking for is a landline you can still try the old way looking up a number with white pages. This however is becoming more difficult to do since more and more numbers out there are cell phones.

This question has been asked a great deal since cell phones begin replacing landlines. Verizon is the most popular cell phone carrier in the United States with over million subscribers in the United States in The same ratings are in place for national coverage. Noting that Verizon is at the top of its game, for not only number of subscribers but the best coverage, you would be surprised at how hard it is to find a Verizon directory. In fact, when looking for a directory for Verizon , you will be disappointed.

Verizon Wireless doesn't allow you to search for the owner of a phone number on its own website. Instead, try a variety of other websites, including search engines such as Google and Bing, Whitepages and Facebook, to search for Verizon numbers or those from any other carrier.



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mobile to mobile page and you could lookup up to 5 numbers to see if someone tells me a carrier other than VZW, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile  Apr 12, - 9 posts.








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