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How do you look at the comments on twitter

Twitter has announced a new tool exclusively for Twitter Ads users — Scheduled Tweets. It lets the users create a tweet and then schedule a date and time for it to be sent out, up to a year in advance. What does this new feature mean for marketers? How do they use Scheduled Tweets? How can they maximize its value?


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It’s Finally Easy to See Newest Tweets First

Top 10 Twitter tips free PDF. This post contains tips and filters for getting the best from Twitter search. All the details are below, but if you just need a quick reference list of available filters, here it is:.

He smashed it at CMA Live Not only is he quick but his tweets capture events perfectly. The topic was — surprise, surprise — advanced search in Twitter, and the helpful discussion we had prompted me to write this post.

Posted by Madalyn Sklar on Thursday, 14 December Madalyn has gone one further and created an online course that helps people get up to speed with Twitter. You might want to bookmark this advanced search page. You can save time by saving common searches, for example searches of untagged mentions of your name or untagged shares of your content. Searches can be saved only via the desktop version of Twitter, but anything you save there will also be available in the Twitter mobile app.

When you next click into the search field, the saved search will appear in the dropdown menu of options. All saved searches are viewable in the Twitter mobile app. Longer searches look truncated but the full search string will be saved.

Add a question mark to your Twitter searches and the results will be formed of tweets containing questions. For example:. The from and to filters are perfect for finding tweets from one person to another person. The results will include tweets where the procopywriters handle appears at the start of the tweet:. A1 Per-project is the best for me. I have only one client on a per-word model. I quote daily and hourly rates as indicators. If you want to look for tweets from someone that mention someone else, replace the to filter with the name:.

The results will include tweets where the procopywriters handle appears anywhere in the tweet:. Use DoesFollow to check whether one Twitter user follows another. This free third-party system asks for permission to access your Twitter account before it shows any results. For detail about how these searches work, check out Twitter search for untagged mentions of your name and content.

It's different for all of us but John makes a great point: you'll be spreading yourself too thin if you try to do all of them. Pick 1 or 2 and do them well. I think my favourite thing about copywriting is that you're being paid to learn all sorts of cool new stuff. Use the filter:verified search filter to show tweets only from verified blue tick accounts.

How good was this 22mosalah strike? Cropped images look sloppy on social media. Try using these dimensions. RT if you like free money. What is technical writing? And what are some of the content types a tech writer can produce? Are you transparent with the pricing of your services?

Use the - symbol immediately before a term to exclude that term from search results. Okay what song lyrics does Ant have on his toilet wall? To ensure that more than one term appears in the search results, use AND in capitals between the search terms.

Use OR in capitals between search terms to look for either term or both. In Google Chrome, right-click an image and select Search Google for Image to look for other copies of that image on the web. A good way to check for unauthorised or dodgy image use. To find tweets in a language other than English, use the lang: filter followed by the 2-letter code for the language you wish to search for. Spendthrift: a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way. Thrifty: using money carefully and not wastefully.

An example use case could be when you want to search for a hashtag but want to exclude adult tweets from accounts that are trying to hijack the hashtag. Use the near and within filters to look for tweets from a particular location. Twitter is a massive, open database of information. Use the advanced search filters here to do blog research, look for work, discover activities near you and find untagged mentions of your name.

Which of these search filters are you going to use? And do you have any other search tips for Twitter? Leave me a comment below. Did you find my writing clear? If you struggle to write clearly for your customers — or if you don't have time to do it yourself — then save yourself a headache and hire me to do the heavy lifting.

I help B2B businesses to write website pages, blog posts, case studies and more. Need a hand with your writing? Yes, I need a writer. I'm a B2B technical copywriter. I write clear, engaging and fun content that helps your customers understand how your products, services and processes work. Are you next? Yes, privacy assured. MY Book. Twitter search advanced guide. John Espirian January 21, No Comments. Share on twitter.

Share on linkedin. All the details are below, but if you just need a quick reference list of available filters, here it is: Twitter search filter Search results filter:follows tweets only from accounts you follow filter:news tweets containing news filter:links tweets containing links filter:images tweets containing images filter:videos tweets containing videos filter:periscope tweets containing Periscope videos filter:retweets classic RT retweets or quote tweets filter:nativeretweets retweets via the retweet button filter:safe tweets excluding adult content filter:verified tweets from verified accounts.

He is a Twitter genius and a Twitter god at events. Need help with Twitter? Want the desktop version of a site on your iPhone or iPad? John Espirian. I also help business owners do better on LinkedIn.

Espresso: digital caffeine by email. Always under words. First Name. Get my tips. Share on social media. Share on facebook. Twitter LinkedIn YouTube.

Twitter now lets you easily see retweets with comments. Here’s how

In this article, we look at the importance of replying to all social media comments with the top tips on how to do it well. We then provide actionable instructions on how to reply to comments on Facebook, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Finally, for tips on how to get more people commenting on your IG posts, see these 21 Tips to Boost Instagram Engagement. Interacting with your audience through social comments is an effective way to make a connection with your target market.

Right now, when you decide to retweet something that makes you laugh or cry, you have two choices: just retweet it, or retweet with a comment. Now, Twitter is testing a way to view that information , along with the comments. When you open a particular tweet, you can see how many times someone retweeted it.

Top 10 Twitter tips free PDF. This post contains tips and filters for getting the best from Twitter search. All the details are below, but if you just need a quick reference list of available filters, here it is:. He smashed it at CMA Live

Twitter testing ‘Retweets with comment’ feature to find quoted tweets

With 5, Tweets sent every second , having a few tricks up your sleeve can help you save time and make the most out of every opportunity. Bonus: Download the free strategy guide that reveals how Hootsuite grew our Twitter following to over 8 million users and learn how you can put the tactics to work for your business. Try this workaround to summon the emoji menu on Macs. How to do it: 1. Place your cursor in any text field 2. What better way to celebrate WorldEmojiDay than with some???? You could take a screenshot of a note on your phone, but this can look lazy or insincere if your company is releasing an important statement. Take the time to create a graphic, and use the opportunity to add branding. At WinnDixie , we believe all animals should be cared for and treated humanely, to protect their health, the health of those who raise and harvest them, and to contribute to safe food for our customers.

How to Read Comments on Twitter

To view all comments and likes on a particular tweet, just click or tap the text of the original tweet. You may even find that some comments have their own reply threads, which you can also check out by clicking or tapping. This wikiHow will show you how you view a list of all comments on a tweet using the Twitter mobile app and Twitter. Open Facebook.

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As far as social media marketing goes, Twitter is one of the major players. We will also suggest you 23 easy to implement strategies to increase both your engagement and your CTRs on Twitter. We feel you, Klondike.

Twitter Users On iOS Can Now See Retweets With Comments

Every month, the equivalent of the population of the entire United States uses Twitter. The basic premise of Twitter—and largely the source of its appeal—is the public nature of its content. By default, anyone can see what you tweet and vice-versa.

Some brief and excellent news from Twitter HQ: after much teasing and testing, the platform is finally going to let users decide how they want to sort their feed. Algorithmically meaning a computer decides, based on your likes and interactions, which tweets you should see first or in reverse chronological order AKA newest tweets first. Or at least preferred by the vocal majority who have spent a lot of time yelling at Twitter after the company switched everybody over to an algorithmic and then semi-walked it back over the past four years. Earlier this year, Twitter announced it was testing a button that would let users toggle back and forth between the two feeds. As of this week, that button is no longer a test and is rolling out to all iOS users. Where can you find it and what does it look like?

How to View Comments on a Twitter Post

Twitter for iOS now has a handy new feature that lets you easily see comments that were added to retweets of your posts. A short video below posted by Twitter on Tuesday, May 12, shows the new feature in action. It means that with the latest version of the app, you can see all of the retweets with comments in one place, with a single tap. Now on iOS, you can see Retweets with comments all in one place. You can then scroll down to read all of the comments, and also see any images, videos, or GIFs that were attached to those retweets. In other Twitter developments, we recently learned the microblogging platform is testing a feature that lets you reword a potentially offensive reply before you post it.

Apr 26, - Twitter is testing out a new feature that lets users see how many times a tweet has been retweeted with a comment.

Published by Stan Profy on January 4, January 4, Twitter is one of the most open social networking platforms out there: You can chat with anyone in real time without being friends with that person. While being an awesome social media platform, Twitter functionality is not always easy to figure.

23 Strategies to Increase Your Twitter Engagement

After months of testing , Twitter users everywhere will now have the ability to hide replies to their tweets. Rather than delete an inappropriate or offensive message forever, the new option allows you to curate the conversation. Other people can still see the responses to your tweets by tapping on the grey icon that appears after hiding a reply.

Twitter Announces Scheduled Tweets – Here’s What It Means For Marketers

In order to make it easier for users to keep track of replies, the company has previously experimented with a couple of different features. Back in April last year, Twitter first tested new label tags to help users keep a track of the original author in a conversation and the people mentioned in the original tweet. Then, earlier this year in March, the company started rolling out threaded replies on Android which made browsing through replies a whole lot easier.



Twitter for iOS now shows all retweets with comments in one place


Twitter now lets everyone hide replies to their tweets


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