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Girl meets world dirty fanfiction maya and josh

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Maya Hart wasn't a stranger to Bad Timing, but she was usually careful to keep her friends away from it. And the best way to keep them out of harm's way was to never entertain Hope.

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Girl Meets World - 2x06 - GM Tell-Tale-Tot: Maya & Josh (Maya: Thanks, means a lot to me)

Maya and Zay

Hello, my fellow readers. Since there hasn't been that many M-rated Joshaya stories on this site and well, there's mostly Rucas, Lucaya and Rilaya M-rated stories on this site. It's two years since my last Joshaya story that I posted back in December of If you haven't read Maya's Desire , feel free to check it out and I know that I should've made them older because they were too young.

Well because Josh is three years older than Maya. So in this story, Josh is 21 years old and Maya is 19 years old. Is that correct? Josh is three years older than Maya? God, I hate math. If I'm wrong or right, them message me. Anyway, in this story, Josh and Maya are dating, Maya goes back to Josh's apartment for a little fun together, involving a surprise in the bathtub. Before you read this story, it is rated M for sexual content. It will be really descriptive and it will contain some sexual acts like French kissing, oral sex and more.

Sorry if this story gets a little dirty and explicit. If you don't like reading sex stories that are too smutty, then don't read it. If you're mature enough to read it, then more freedom to you. Remember, this is a work of fiction. I do not own Girl Meets World or the characters. Nineteen-year-old Maya Hart and her boyfriend Josh Matthews entered his neatly-decorated apartment after returning from their date at a restaurant and to the movie.

Josh locks the door behind Maya and walked over towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind and starts kissing her neck. But our night is not over yet. I have something special planned for us. It's a surprise. Why don't you sit down and wait right here while be right back.

Now, don't move. The blonde beauty makes herself at home as she walked around the living room, looking at different photos of Josh and his family. There were a couple of photos of Josh with her best friend and his niece Riley in them, and a few with Cory and Auggie in them. I have something to show you.

Don't worry, it's nothing disgusting. Just come in. The blonde beauty flipped the light switch upwards and see every type of rose petals of every color scattered across the room as her eyes widened in pure awe, realizing that Josh went all out for her. Maya walked over to Josh's bed and saw that there were more rose petals on Josh's bed, then began to smell the sweet aroma of vanilla coming from the bathroom.

Before she could say another word, Josh appears in the doorway of the bathroom holding a glass filled with ginger ale in one hand and a red rose in the other. Josh removed his clothes and he was in only a white towel wrapped around his waist, revealing his muscular chest to her. You know how to treat a girl right and surprise her.

As they both entered the bathroom, Maya began to notice that the bathroom was softly lit by a candle that flickered in the corner of the room. The bathtub was filled with water and rose petals sprinkled on top of the water. Josh stood behind Maya as she held her cute ponytail up while he pulled the zipper on the back of her orange-red dress down, letting her dress fall down to her ankles and leaving her in her purple lacy bra and matching panties. Maya obeyed Josh's command as she sat down on the chair, watching as Josh kneels down on the floor and removes her black high heels off of her feet.

Next up, her bra. Josh reached behind Maya's back and unhooked her bra, pulling the straps down her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Her beautiful c-cup breasts were revealed to Josh. Maya got up from the chair and pulled her panties down to her ankles so she could be completely naked.

Maya walked over to the large, spacious tub and turned to Josh, smiling at him before stepping in the tub. Her hair was already tied in a ponytail as Josh watched her step in the tub, lowering herself down and enjoying the warmth of the water hitting her nude body. Josh walks over to the tub and reached down to his towel to take it off and joined Maya as he sits behind her, feeling her small body resting against his.

Josh grabs a bar of soap from off of the soapdish that was sitting on the edge of the tub. Maya watched as her boyfriend dunked the bar of soap into the tub and began to soap up her breasts, her back and her shoulders and arms. Maya moaned softly as Josh continues to wash her nude body. Maya pulled her legs up from out of the water as Josh washed her legs and her feet.

Josh placed the bar of soap back on the soapdish and gently massaged her shoulders, touching her all over her body. The blonde beauty spreads her legs open for Josh as he began to tease her clit, moaning softly from the amazing sensation.

Josh alternates from rubbing Maya's wanting love button in a circular motion and pumping two fingers inside her dripping wet hole. He then adds a third finger inside Maya and pumped in and out of her.

Josh continues to fondle her breasts and lightly stroking her erect pink nipples. Maya bit her lower lip and continued to moan loud while moving her hips against his hand. Josh gazed deeply into Maya's beautiful blue eyes while rubbing her clit harder. The blonde pushed her pussy against his hand harder until her climax hits throughout her whole body.

Maya cries out Josh's name as she starts cumming all over his hand, her whole body shook as waves of intense pleasure hit her. After recovering from her intense orgasm, Maya turns around and reached behind Josh's head, pulling him in for an intense kiss. Josh licks the bottom of Maya's lip, begging for entrance. The blonde beauty wraps her arms around her boyfriend's neck as he slipped his tongue inside her mouth, flicking his tongue against hers ever so gently.

Maya moaned softly into the kiss as Josh caressed her tongue while she reached down, taking his erect cock in her hand while he moved his hand up to her breast, cupping it as his thumb stroked her erect nipple. Maya and Josh break the kiss as Maya leaned back and stood up before she sits down on the edge of the tub. You are going to sit there and watch me before you do something to me. Maya spreads her pussy lips apart and dips her middle finger inside her warm hole.

Maya moaned and looked at Josh while she continued to play with herself. Josh reached down and grabbed his cock and began to stroke himself slowly while keeping his eyes locked on Maya, who was furiously rubbing herself. Maya moans and seductively smiles at Josh as she pushed her fingers inside her moist hole.

Worship every part of my beautiful body. Touch me everywhere. Josh bit his lower lip and moaned softly as he continues to masturbate in front of Maya, wanting to feel the blonde beauty's tongue teasing his length and her hand cupping his balls. Maya brought her hands up to her breasts and gently massaged them, taking her nipples in between her fingers and rolled them and pinched them gently.

Wanting to touch Maya's body very badly, Josh moved forward and took one of her breasts in his mouth and began to lick her erect nipple. Maya moaned loud as Josh played with her sensitive nipples, licking them with his flat tongue and biting them gently just to drive her wild.

After working on the right nipple, Josh moved on to the left nipple to repeat his actions on her while rubbing her clit before inserting two fingers inside her. Josh kissed down Maya's body, using his tongue to lick down her stomach until he's in between her legs. The handsome brunette man kissed and licked her inner thigh, nibbling at it before trailing down her leg, taking her foot in his hand. Maya closed her eyes as Josh brought her toes to his lips, giving them small kisses.

The younger brother of Cory Matthews took her big toe in her mouth and starts sucking on it while massaging the sole of her foot while Maya used her other foot to rub it against his back. Josh licked around all five of her toes and teased them for a bit before switching to the other foot and repeats his actions on her. The blonde beauty gets up and bends over. Josh watched as Maya got on all fours and shook her luscious and firm ass right in front of him.

Josh moved closer behind Maya and spreads her ass cheeks open and ran his tongue up and down her wet pussy, Maya moaned softly from the feeling of Josh licking her throbbing center, impaling her with his tongue while she moves and rocks her hips. Keep going. Josh moves his hand underneath Maya and rubbed her sensitive love button while he moves his tongue up to her puckered opening and starts rimming her of the first time.

Maya's eyes widened in surprise as she felt the man that she loved working his tongue on her tight little asshole and his thumb teasing her clit. After rimming Maya for a bit, Josh went back to work on licking her clit while Maya bounced her ass on his face. Wanting to send Maya over the edge, Josh starts pushing his middle finger and index finger inside her tight pink hole while he sucks on her clit. Her breathing intensifies and her toes began to curl as Maya felt her intense climax coming.

So very close. Make me cum so fucking hard. Her inner vaginal walls tightened around his fingers and her fluids squirt out all over his face and in his mouth. Josh licks Maya's pussy clean off, tasting her sweet juices before going back to kiss her again. Maya sits back down in the tub and kissed Josh passionately, tasting herself all over his lips and tongue, getting immensely turned on. The blonde beauty straddles her best friend's uncle's lap, lining his rock-hard cock with her entrance and moaned slightly.

Maya starts moaning loud as she felt Josh's cock easing into her vagina nice and slow, with her beginning to lower herself slowly down and began to ride him in the cowgirl position. Maya wraps her legs around Josh's waist and her arms around his back while Josh grabs onto her waist. Maya looks into Josh's blue eyes and smiled at him as she continued to ride him, this time she picked up the pace.

Fanfiction Meets Girl Meets World — Heated Room

The air was cool, most likely from the open window. And the sun had just risen, shining into the room of the college student. N on the bed.

Josh looked at me. I was burning up, or so it felt like it. I looked to the door, which was closed.

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I'd choose Maya and I'd be happy with Maya. Contents [ show ].

Farkle and Maya

Hello, my fellow readers. Since there hasn't been that many M-rated Joshaya stories on this site and well, there's mostly Rucas, Lucaya and Rilaya M-rated stories on this site. It's two years since my last Joshaya story that I posted back in December of If you haven't read Maya's Desire , feel free to check it out and I know that I should've made them older because they were too young. Well because Josh is three years older than Maya. So in this story, Josh is 21 years old and Maya is 19 years old. Is that correct?

girl meets world smut

She's bitter because she knows. Maya Hart saw what she saw. What she saw? She saw someone, her someone, happier with another girl. This long game she was playing with one Josh Matthews, otherwise known as Uncle Boing, proved to be difficult.

The core four now five, including Zay were about to graduate high school, Maya was finally dating the man of her dreams, Joshua Matthews, Riley was happily in a relationship with Charlie, Farkle finally made a move and asked Isadora Smackle to be his lady, Zay even starting dating a girl named Sarah. Lucas Friar was the only single one in their group.

Continuation of a mainly Riarkle, slightly Joshaya, slightly Zaya angsty fic about the gangs first high school party. Topanga and Cory are sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. Riley and Maya turn around, confused and look at the couch.

Boing! — My Best Friend (a Joshaya/ Lucaya fanfic)

Josh had discovered there are a few downsides to surpassing the age of majority. While it wasn't so apparent when he'd first hit 18, now that he was rounding on the downside of 20 he's starting to notice a few things. Such as the fact that he was now privy to what had previously been deemed 'adult conversation. It's not the sentence in and of itself that's troublesome.

Their ship name is Faya or Markle. Even if they are considered to be frenemies, Farkle used to have a crush on Maya, although she did not feel the same way and only considered him as a close friend. However, Farkle is later shown to be more friendly towards Maya as he isn't as affectionate as he used to be, and she now accepts his friendship openly same applies to him and Riley. Their relationship has a hilarious and touching dynamic to it and they have shown to be extremely protective of each other and care a lot about each other. In Girl Meets Farkle , she doesn't at first want to accept Farkle's suspicion of him having autism showing that she probably thinks of him as being a perfectly fine and normal guy which is sort of ironic considering all four of them Farkle, Lucas, Maya and Riley have learned that everyone has flaws. Farkle: I'm a bird to you?

Fanfiction Meets Girl Meets World — Hot Wake Up Call

Giselle Mora is a fanfiction author that has written 3 stories for Girl Meets World. I don't agree. Maya should either be with josh or farkle and Riley should be with Lucas. T - English - Chapters: Girl Meets Screen Shots by jazlouis reviews One shot stories taking a look into specific screen shots of the girls and their friends lives after a small, stupid little incident between Lucas and Maya. Each story is in chronological order, though the moments might not follow one another directly.

Sep 18, - girl meets world fanfics here. fluffy, dirty, ask away “Josh,” I whined, trying to push him back so that we could go back to working on our separate Little Games Part 2 - smut ft. Lucas Friar. Maya: Nothing Yet. Lucas.

Lucas was coming over to help me study for our next big text in Mr. There was a knock on the door and I switched off the TV, standing and heading that way. I opened the door and smiled at Lucas.

She couldn't sleep. Not with him just in the other room. She hated how he could do this to her. Make her feel so out of sorts without even knowing it.






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