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Always need a boyfriend

This is true fundamentally because looking allows you to settle, and looking for something in the midst of what you have lowers your standards to fit whatever is there at the moment. Finding someone you like when you're specifically not looking often ends up working out because there is something about it that makes it worth trying, even though you might not be in the right place or time for a relationship. When looking at dating profile after profile, your standards begin to drop. In a sea of Tinder creeps and weirdos, this decent, not-terrible guy suddenly becomes much easier to consider. Being in a great relationship feels good; you have a partner-in-crime, a buddy to do activities with and can try all the restaurants you've always been curious about. Having that comfort and friendship removed can cause such an empty space that you feel the immediate need to fill that space in again.

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To The Girls Who Always Have A Boyfriend

But then, how do you actually get into a relationship? Women don't have to put so much effort into getting to know a guy and then go from there. But guys have to do all this work for it and put so much effort into actually getting into a relationship. Women just do nothing but look pretty for guys. Ask around. Go with your gut.

Learn from experience. I can pick out these type of girls in five minutes flat without a saying a word to them because I don't want to be their friend any more than you want to be their boyfriend. You just listed a major trait. If the girl is never without a boyfriend, ever, she's likely not in it for the relationship, but for the attention.

What I mean is how come some women feel the need to never go more than a week being single? I've known a few women that were this way.

One woman in particular I knew at my old work straight up told me she was just dating her current boyfriend for the summer because she didn't know anybody else. What are some of the real reasons women do this? I would love to hear from some women on this topic. Share Facebook. Why do some women always have to have a boyfriend? Add Opinion. Robertgc Xper 4. My philosophy over this topic is simple this: Woman are social creatures, or at least the majority is. The extremely social ones tend to feel the need for a companion.

This may satisfy one of two needs: 1 Security: Having a boyfriend even if there is no chemistry is like having cheat codes for a game. It gives you an upper hand with many things. He provides her with food, shelter, money, socialization, and therefore security. Inside these cliques there is a social ladder that consists of one alpha and her let's say, "minions". Having a boyfriend separates you from your clique and give power the her. Because of this power, she gains rank among her clique eventually becoming the alpha.

It also drives out the fear of rejection among friends and makes her feel like another person depends on her. Robert Crowley crowley. LittleMissGriff Xper 6. This is a common trait of 'desperate women'. They define themselves by the arm they're hanging off of and have no self-confidence of their own.

In their mind, a girl is only validated if she has a man, therefore, without a man, she has no worth. It's similar to the girl who bounces from guy to guy, leaving them chasing after her. It's not a good idea to become involved with these sorts of girls because they will invade your life, smother you, and then be the 'crazy-ex' when you finally can't take it anymore. SociallyInept Xper 5. Probably because they're desperate.

If I were in a relationship it would be because of a stupid reason like that. I'd be in a relationship with that person because I wanted to be. But like I said before they're probably have self-esteem issues and can't feel beautiful when they're not in a relationship, and desperate too.

What SociallyInept said. Also, just having a boyfriend kind of elevates your social status, both in your inner circle and out I suppose. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. SavingHer Xper 5. I agree with sociallyinept as well as ravenlilly. I'm usually alone most of the time and it takes a while for me to date someone.

I'm not the type of girl to be with someone just because someone else is dating or something silly. It's being happy with someone that's important but also being happy with oneself. Not allowing some guy to make her happy or just to do it for a title. I like it because with the title it makes me feel secure knowing that the guy isn't seeing anyone else at the same time he's seeing me. Makes me feel special to know that he's really into me. Therefore I don't have trust issues, and always question him about stuff.

Also it makes me know that he's not going to leave so I can focus on myself without distractions of meeting other guys. Related myTakes. Show All. Trying to make sense of modesty. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

7 Women Share How They Became Serial Monogamists

I no longer put him on a pedestal. Whoever I date pretty much can do no wrong in my book, which is very dangerous. I make sure my relationship is a two-way street. I see us as complete equals.

But then, how do you actually get into a relationship? Women don't have to put so much effort into getting to know a guy and then go from there. But guys have to do all this work for it and put so much effort into actually getting into a relationship.

There are two kinds of single women in the world: those that desperately want a relationship and those that are totally cool with their solo situation. You want to fall in love. Nothing could be further from the truth. You want actual commitment. If you want to grow old with someone or at least spend the next few years with them , call them your one and only, go on amazing trips, experience life with them — those are all right reasons to call someone your BF.

The Truth Behind Why Love Only Finds You When You Stop Looking

We all have that one friend who has seemingly never been single in, dare we say it, her whole life. Rather than jumping into a complex Carrie Bradshaw analysis, we called on women who admit to "always having a boyfriend" to shed some light on the world of serial monogamists. All the guys I've dated are very different, which has allowed me to figure out what qualities are most or least important to me. I've always fallen hard, which is difficult when casually dating. The concept of meeting new guys on dating apps or out and about is something I was never totally comfortable with. I preferred to be set up with a friend of a friend. I find that getting set up puts you a few steps ahead because you have background information on them already. I have a great sense of who a person is based on first impressions, so if I'm getting to know someone in the early stages of a relationship, I know almost right away if it's worthy of a long-term commitment. Being in a relationship is so enticing to me simply because of the security it gives me.

Why do some women always have to have a boyfriend?

I worry about the girls like this. Now, I am not like this. Since the beginning of social distancing, the men in my life have been on a slow descent into looking more like their pets than ever before. They like to say they're working the earlys Justin Bieber look, but we see right through their excuses.






Of course you have your girlfriends and they're the absolute best. It's totally fine to want a steady boyfriend who you know is a good person and will always be.








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