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How to know if your husband doesnt find you attractive

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He has his space with the door closed, and when I enter he guards his laptop and phone. It has been years since we were intimate, even though I have tried to keep him interested, but after a quick cuddle he would roll over defensively and not be turned on. We enjoyed an active sex life in our 20s and 30s and I miss it. I used to blame the mutual exhaustion of parenting, but after being rejected again and again, I have stopped trying, and accept that he no longer regards me sexually.

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13 Signs That Your Partner Loves You But Is No Longer Attracted To You

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We all want to think that our spouse loves us for who we really are. Knowing the things you can do make your husband fall back head over heels over you is something I also explored in this article…. We want to be assured that whatever we are doing in our marriage, that we have not left behind those things that made us feel beautiful, handsome, or whatever the case may be. I did a Podcast the other day on one of my other websites.

A woman was wondering if there were things she should be doing to ensure her husband still found her attractive. She had been married for 6 years and while the couple was still relatively young, they had been with each other exclusively for all that time and she was feeling that the relationship was getting old. But she wanted to keep things fresh and she wanted to eliminate those little insecure thoughts that sometimes creep in and get stuck in our minds about our attractiveness. Her husband seemed transfixed by her every movement, glance, or smile.

And she like that. It made her feel incredibly attractive and wanted. What was particularly satisfying for her was that she did not have to do anything out of the ordinary to get a rise out of her husband. Rather, she was just passing through the day like she had always had. Her husband just seemed to be naturally enamored with her and all of her little habits and ways. She explained that her husband, in the earlier days of their marriage, seemed to celebrate just about everything about her, even her imperfections.

She tried hard not to act the part because that was just not her. She enjoyed being down to earth. But no doubt, the praise her husband use to heap on her about her long legs and beautiful eyes and graceful movements left an indelible mark in her memory. She asked me during the discussion we were having if it was wrong to want to recapture those feelings. She was embarrassed to check in with her husband. She knew he would immediately tell her she was the most beautiful creature he had ever laid eyes on.

She knew he loved her and she knew he would never say anything negative about her. And it was not because he though she was too hung up on her body image or had an inflated ego. She explained that other men would cast wayward glances at her and smile approvingly at her. That behavior still happens on occasions. Sometimes it would annoy her but much of the time it was casual and gave her a little ego boost.

She still gets the looks and occasionally she even catches herself smiling back and enjoying more. So naturally, this very intelligent and lovely woman found herself wondering if her husband was still enamored with every aspect of her persona. She found herself thinking what she could do to make her marriage work like it use to.

It was natural for everyone to age and lose the sheen of their youth. She liked the way she looked. I explained that the little doubts and uncertainties she was having around this topic were completely normal and that she should not feel any less attractive or desirable because of these thoughts. So I decided to talk to her about the phenomenon of attraction and how it emerges in the early period of a relationship and then how it evolves over time. Essentially she was looking for some assurances that her husband still found her attractive and what she could do to get back to those earlier days of the relationship.

Both men and women tend to think less about doing those little things that bring fire to the relationship. You see, each day when you interact with your husband, there is a certain baseline of behavior that you each expect of the other. Your husband grows accustomed to a certain way you look and act. Our brains are engineered to put things into recognizable categories so we can better process the information. So naturally, when your husband sees you and relates to you in all different ways, unless something is noticeably different in how you look or what you are saying, his impression of you will largely remind seated in the category that he has assigned for you.

And if you can imagine, each category can be broken down into subcategories. That is how complex our mind processes information. When things start getting predictable and routine, a husband may more often put his wife into the decent looking category. I know this sounds somewhat clinical, but this is how men and women interact at a conscious, even subconscious level. But what if your aim is to make your husband expand on his categorical view of you such that he also thinks of you in a more attractive, even somewhat sexual manner.

And she knew if her husband was asked, he too would say his wife is a lovely and attractive woman. I asked her for some specific examples of the things her husband use to say or do that she now feels is missing in her life.

I just loved that. It was sensual, but not overt. It would always end up in just beautiful lovemaking late into the night. Just the simple, little things stood out. He would comment on my hair as I was blow drying it.

He would help me pick out my undergarments. He would offer neck massages if I had a particularly stressful day. He would touch me always, but it was non sexual. Yet the memory of his touches would linger with me and made me feel secure and relaxed. I got goose bumps as I could tell he really meant it. It often got me into the mood later during the evening and our sex would just progress naturally, not mechanically. So as you can see, this woman had some very clear and vivid examples of the things that made her feel special.

And it was through these kinds of interactions with her husband that she was made to feel wanted and desired. A part of her felt it was just because they were getting set in their ways and not doing enough to spice up the relationship.

And that was not what she wanted for their marriage. She wanted him to be satisfied with her and attracted at all levels. From everything she told me, the marriage was rock solid and that there was not really any areas of dysfunction. Why change a winning strategy she said. And I agreed. I explained that renewal in her case is taking what has worked in the past and tweaking it. I explained that the interactions between husband and wife can fall into a predictable and somewhat comfortable routines.

But the problem with routines is that you can find yourself trapped into doing things in the same or similar way and it becomes comfortable and secure. I explained that when it comes to upping attraction levels, doing things in the same and predictable way is usually not a recipe for enhanced intimacy.

I have always believed that much can be accomplished on the sexual attraction front by doing the little things. I explained to her that men are responsive to becoming re-attracted to their wives through leveraging the sexual connection which they currently have with their spouse as well as teasing out certain erotic images or fantasies most men harbor.

That does not mean that my client could not make use of some of the tried and true kinds of interactions she has had in the past with her husband. But new and creative is better when it comes to re-igniting attraction levels.

I told her that what was missing in their relationship was the firing of certain brain chemicals that raise attraction and intimacy levels. And when a couple has been together for a long period of time, to break the routines and to enhance arousal may require her stretching her comfort level just a tad. As I explained earlier, arousal was not a problem with this couple. They enjoyed a healthy sex life. But she wanted her husband to notice her more and do the little and big things that made her feel special.

So we brainstormed with the goal to come up with a list of things that she could do to make her husband take a lot more notice. I told her to draw up a list that range from very subtle things she might do to arouse her husband to very erotic things that she may have never thought of saying or doing. I explained that part of the process was to think creatively, so doing away with boundaries usually helps.

We narrowed it to 5 things she would explore with her husband over the next week to see if it upped the attraction levels. It involved including her husband into making up the next list after she had completed all five of her attraction techniques. Here is what she came up with. I helped a bit, but she owned this list!

These ideas are not in any particular order. But the idea is she wanted to do these things over the course of a week:. Leave a Reply. I loved his big broad shoulders. His huge biceps indicated he could protect a little woman like me, which really turned me on. Twenty five years later, when ovarian and breast cancer burst onto the scene, his muscles meant nothing.

He did nothing to protect me. In fact, he left me for another woman, which caused me to get a lot worse. So much for broad shoulders and big muscles…. So to anyone who wonders if her husband still finds her attractive, if he sticks around when you look your worst, he loves you…. Really good advice Laury. Things like looks and our physical conditioning all change as we age. Love is so much more about the kind of things we have inside of us and how we show others kindness and appreciation. Thanks Jenna for your comment.

You make a fair point.

My Husband Is Not Attracted to Me

Dead marriages and even deader bedrooms are commonplace these days People get married for a variety of reasons and stay married for many more. Sadly, a lot of those have nothing to do with love and passion. Even marriages that start off great can die after several years.

Love can be very complicated. One moment, you and your lover are madly attracted to each other only for the fire to burn out in the next.

Even healthy married couples experience a shift in sexual desire after marriage, and throughout their time together. Want To Reconnect? The shift is normal. The fix could be as simple as asking for more kisses, or it could take more work. To help with the process, check out what hundreds of couples have used to get them back on track with the Reconnection Program.

Signs My Husband Isn’t Attracted To Me

Sometimes he might be a little too interested in you while at the other moment the attraction may wane a bit. So, while acknowledging that something has indeed gone wrong might be very hard, it becomes imperative that it is addressed nonetheless. Common phrases that one often hears include:. In it, he goes on to dissect the male behavior pattern to show that how there are signs showing how your husband is actually looking for signs from you. As he goes on to say, the male brain is hardwired to respond to some very specific things that they find attractive in women. For example, when you are looking for signs your boyfriend is not attracted to you anymore , you might be looking at the wrong places. Look instead for signs that would help you turn the whole thing around.

10 Sad Signs Your Husband is No Longer Attracted To You

Like me, these women usually think the problem is either that she married the wrong guy or that her weight, her age, or her post-baby body has made her less beautiful. Something else entirely was going on, and it was a huge relief to finally discover it and get those butt pats and bedroom eyes back. As you already know, men are not sexually attracted to their mothers. Unfortunately, that was exactly who I had unwittingly become in the early years of our marriage: his mom.

If you suspect something about your husband, here are some telltale signs of porn addiction. Luckily, there are a few signs that will tell you whether or not your ex still loves you.

Attraction is a finicky beast. At its outset, attraction is instantaneous. You see someone who sparks something in you-be it interest, excitement, intrigue, or more-and your eyes widen, your nostrils flare, and heat floods your veins. Attraction is the initial pull that brings two people into a relationship, and the reasons for and signs of attraction are varied and far-reaching.

Husband Attraction Tips

This guide reveals the most clear-cut signs that your husband is not attracted to you, and offers tips on what to do in this situation. However, before we dive into this advice, I want you to read these next sentences very carefully. This was a worrying pattern which lasted a long time. But, thankfully, I was able to turn this around

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In marriage, many kinds of doubts arise from time to time. Sometimes, the distance or the problems of living together cause many more problems than what we would like to. If this happens to you and you don't know if your partner is still in love with you, you just have to do check this article out and figure it out. We have gathered some signs that can indicate that your husband is falling out of love with you and some advice on what to do in this painful situation. We have all doubted at some point in our life and at some point in a relationship with our husband's feelings, and admit it: you do now.

How Do You Know If Your Husband Is Still Attracted To You

It's normal for physical attraction and desire to wax and wane over the course of any long-term relationship or marriage. So in and of itself, a dry spell in the bedroom is neither a big deal nor something you should necessarily worry yourself about. What is a big deal requiring your attention and concern is when your boyfriend or husband no longer seems to be attracted to you at all. After all, there may still be a chance to rekindle that flame if you catch it just as it's beginning to die out. Assuming that he's healthy and in a generally good mood, there's no reason he shouldn't be able to get an erection regularly. There's nothing wrong with enjoying some good old-fashioned self-love, but when you know for a fact that he's rejecting your advances in favor of masturbation, there's a problem. This doesn't necessarily refer to having sex. Simple gestures like kissing, cuddling, or even just holding your hand are indicators that a guy is still attracted to you.

May 7, - If your boyfriend or husband stopped having sex with you and you don't know why, watching for these 10 signs he's just not attracted you to sexually anymore can help you figure This doesn't necessarily refer to having sex. or husband might not find you as attractive as he did when you first got together.

We all want to think that our spouse loves us for who we really are. Knowing the things you can do make your husband fall back head over heels over you is something I also explored in this article…. We want to be assured that whatever we are doing in our marriage, that we have not left behind those things that made us feel beautiful, handsome, or whatever the case may be.

Signs My Husband Isn’t Attracted To Me: The Honest Answers!







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