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Meet the man quietly building the tesla of trucks

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This week, General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler — reported earnings that highlighted the underlying strengths in their basic business of building mass-market vehicles. Automakers had benefited in from the continued shift in consumer tastes away from passenger cars to far more profitable pickup trucks and SUVs. Ford self-driving test vehicles will be connected to Lyft's network, but at first, customers will not be able to use them, Sherif Marakby, Ford's vice president for autonomous vehicles and electrification, told Reuters. In the next three years, almost all of these contenders will be able show off cars capable of navigating city streets at casual speeds along firmly fixed routes. General Motors said on Thursday it had not renewed merger talks with Chrysler, as the automakers struggled to find survival options and a possible government rescue. On the strength of stylish new showroom offerings, GM, Ford and Chrysler all gained market share in the first quarter for the first time in 20 years.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes

Disrupting the Truck Industry with Tough, Electric, Luxury Vehicles

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Forums New posts Search forums. What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. Change style. Contact us. Close Menu. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Not quite a TLDR but here are some excerpts from the article that I had found interesting and had not read before.

Scaringe is from Mr. Musk, the two share some qualities. Scaringe is a control freak who weighs in on everything from the color of bathroom tiles to the lighting in the assembly plant. Scaringe is promising only about 20, to 40, vehicles in , the first full year of production. Scaringe has made clear he wants to hold the reins tight. General Motors discussed investing in the company this year But the automaker and Mr.

Scaringe could not agree on terms. Even though I submitted my Rivian pre-order months ago and Rivian repeatedly saying production will start in late , I've been mentally preparing myself that my EAV probably won't be ready for delivery until , and even more so now after reading the 1st and 3rd quotes above. Sure wish we knew where we are in the pre-order waiting line.

My only hope is more of the "under promise, over deliver" mantra and my Rivian becomes available in late Alan Burns Well-Known Member. Reservation numbers are pretty insignificant. The order of production will be determined by the options you chose. Rivian has announced their first production will be the large battery with full options so even if you had reservation 2 with the smallest battery and hand crank windows your vehicle will be someways down the line. Hmp10 Well-Known Member.

EyeOnRivian said:. Hmp10, I recall that the motors and suspension components are 3rd party. To clarify, I'm not questioning whether or not Rivian will start producing their vehicles in late or not. Although they still have many challenges ahead of them to get there, and I wouldn't be surprised if they had a delay or two in there some where sometimes stuff happens beyond one's control, e.

That's 3 months of producing vehicles. RJ is " promising only about 20, to 40, vehicles in , the first full year of production. Side note. I read some where quite some time ago an article pointing out the difference between "pre-order" and a "reservation" for some automobile manufactures. Basically the "pre-order" has no commitment, as it can be cancelled at any time with no penalty. Where as a reservation was explained as when you configure your vehicle and your pre-order is changed to an actual order carries a commitment thus incurring a penalty if you decide to cancel.

Now to date Rivian hasn't released any such verbiage yet, so it's not clear on how Rivian will frame this process. At any rate, the date in which you submitted your pre-order will be significant as Rivian has already stated as such. Clearly there will be many, many and kWh BP pre-orders that will get configured that end up in the high cost category, let alone the one's that configure to the exact same cost. This is where the submission date of your pre-order would make sense to be factored in to determine the order of producing those vehicles.

And even for the kWh BP or lower total cost orders, there are going to many vehicles that price out the same, or very close, and it would seem logical for Rivian to use your pre-order submission date to help determine the order in which to produce those vehicles. There is also the question of whether you really want one of the very early production cars. It is inevitable that some kinks will make it into production before they are caught, as has always been the case when even long-established ICE manufacturers introduce new models.

I bought one of the earliest Audi R8's produced in , and the electronically-controlled suspension system failed on the way home. I bought an early fifth generation Honda Odyssey in and got one from an early batch that left the factory with warped windshields and transmission programming errors. I bought an early Jaguar S-Type and lost the transmission and dashboard electronics in the first two months.

I bought the first year of the C5 Corvette and had its new "limp mode" engage for no reason on several occasions until I left the car for good on the side of an interstate. Mercedes eventually pulled the system from the market. If the first thousand Rivians come off the production line with no notable flaws it will be a near miracle. Rivian's service response in addressing these flaws is what will make or break the brand very quickly, not whether the flaws occur or not.

ElectricTrucking Well-Known Member. I hope you learned your lesson. Now maybe you can hold a grudge and make Rivian pay for your bad purchases. I guess it is time to shut down this forum until Rivian can proof them selfs. I have pre-ordered a Rivian and am not suggesting they won't build a great product. I'm simply saying that it would be reasonable to expect some early production problems to make it into the first products coming off the line, as has been the case with a great many model introductions by manufacturers with decades of experience under their belts.

The test of Rivian's mettle as a manufacturer will be less whether these problems occur, but how well Rivian addresses them, both through prompt corrections on the production line and in the supply chain, and through effective service in the field. I have no reason at this point to think that Rivian won't do both. I bought two later Audi R8's, both problem free. I am now on my second Honda Odyssey, equally problem free.

I view early production problems as almost ubiquitous in the industry, I think they are an entirely different issue from a manufacturer's broader ability to produce good products, and I don't view them as a reason to stay away from a product. However, if early-adopter hassles get too much under your skin, then you might want to avoid the first few cars off a new production line.

That's all I'm saying. Last edited: Jul 3, Eye, I foresee preorders turning into reservations when the configurator is live, along with an additional nonrefundable deposit toward the vehicle you configure.

Perhaps I'm being impatient and I'm letting my excitement get the best of me, but it would be helpful if Rivian could officially release, at least to the pre-order holders, what to expect, even if it just ballparks the process, meaning, e. Perhaps for some this is a road you've been down before and are familiar with pre-order purchase process from past vehicles.

Not the case for me. I know the EV market is getting competitive and Rivian tends to keep things close to the vest, but I think I we? For those in the US - Have a nice 4th of July! EyeOnRivian , totally agree, just official announcement on the process would be great. You must log in or register to reply here. Log in Your name or email address.

Latest posts C. R1S flat towing behind an RV? R1T Pickup Discussions. Rivian General Topics. My one deciding factor on converting a deposit to a purchase Latest: ajdelange Today at AM. Latest: Hmp10 Today at AM. Batteries, Charging, Alternative Energy. Colorado Senate passes bill allowing EV sales directly from manufacturer to consumer. Feb 28, Feb 25, Question on cold weather performance. Dec 27, Update on Rivian manufacturing plant progress. Dec 19,

Meet the Man Quietly Building the Tesla of Trucks, With Jeff Bezos Aboard

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But early last fall, Jeff Bezos sought out a year-old entrepreneur named RJ Scaringe and spent the better part of a day in Plymouth, Michigan, at the company he founded, Rivian. If you have not heard of Rivian before, that was intentional. Until recently, it was in stealth mode, operating out of unmarked buildings and making few public announcements.

By Nelson D. But early last fall, Jeff Bezos sought out a year old entrepreneur named R. Scaringe and spent the better part of a day in Plymouth, Mich. If you have not heard of Rivian before, well, that was intentional. Until recently, it was in stealth mode, operating out of unmarked buildings and making few public announcements.

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Amazon and Ford Motor Company have invested heavily in Rivian, a new start-up aiming to do for pickup trucks and sports utility vehicles SUVs what Tesla did for cars. Rivian focuses on combining power, electrification, and fun. The vehicle designs are slick, but the challenge of manufacturing them looms over the company. Video Spotlight: see the video on Rivian vs. Guidance : It is actually quite unclear. What is certain is that it is attempting to carve a niche in the expanding pickup and SUV markets. What are its potential weaknesses? Guidance : The main threats are economic, political, and market conditions.

"Meet the Man Quietly Building the Tesla of Trucks, With Jeff Bezos Aboard"




Meet the man quietly building the Tesla of trucks, with Jeff Bezos aboard



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Meet the Man Quietly Building the Tesla of Trucks, With Jeff Bezos Aboard. Download. Share. July • 4 minutes. Bloomberg.









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