Says the Speck by: elly finzer (front cover Prelim. Sketches/inspiration)

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“Stolas, or Stolos. [owl demon]– The Thirty-sixth Spirit is Stolas, or Stolos. He is a Great and Powerful Prince, appearing in the Shape of a Mighty Raven [that's clearly an owl Mr. Crowley...] at first before the Exorcist…”

(from The Goetia The Lesser Key of SolomonTranslated by Samuel Liddell, MacGregor Mathers and edited w/ intro by Aleister Crowley)

We’ve been reading through this book as of late, while editing and laying down the cover work for Elly Finzer’s

Says the Speck

which is due for release MARCH 25TH, 2016.

And while there isn’t really a concrete theme of demonology in this book, it does display the art of conjuring personal demons and manipulating them to your will. This book is 87 [not 86'd] pages of “preliminary invocation” where the Holy Guardian Angel is the narrative resolve in the face of surmounting odds and ends.

Elly wll be on hand Mar. 25th at op. cit. books in Santa Fe, NM. to hand out the first print copies ever to see the light outside the inferno. Same day, Says the Speck will be available to purchase online through our Shop tab, where other spellbinding KJ print titles can be found.

Hope to see you all in Santa Fe real soon!


KJ ed. Staff

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