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Reject Convention

6X9 Glossy Cover Finish

58 pgs of b&w poetry

10$ US Retail Price plus s&h

edited by: Frankie Metro/Gabriel Ricard

cover art/design by: Frankie Metro/Sam Tsohonis

Paul Koniecki’s poems probe deep into the cosmic darkness of memory, prying at the edges of consciousness and meaning, only to dive back into the madcap dance of the minutiae of living–beyond moderation and jam, into the circus and the rotted heart of Joseph Stalin–these poems command your attention, even as their subjects apologize that asking was necessary in the first place. As Koniecki himself says, “this is all there is.”


Orders to Canada have a $35 S+H fee.

Orders outside North America can be made here:

Kleft Jaw #4 (bonus / print ed)


Sb Stokes
Cassandra Dallett
Dustin Holland
Gabriel Ricard
Josh Olsen
Aurora Killpoet
Jason Neese
Frankie Metro
Paul Koniecki
Karl Koweski
Jake Rowinski
Maria Gornell
Matthew J. Hall
Mj Taylor
JD Nelson

bonus stories/poems/art not included in the online volume. 53+pages of natural/exquisite disaster that reads like a cryptography class for the spiritually depraved i.e. the transcendental realists.



110 pages of full color artwork & poetry/haibuns.

edited by: Dustin Holland

cover art/interior illustrations by: Frankie Metro

back cover art by: Nick Holland

A.P.C. is not so much a collection of poems as it is a nostalgic tribute to photographic memory and demonology. Frankie Metro presents a renovation of the lysergic psyche, utilizing the symbolism of murdering egotistical zen robots, and resurrecting their method acting careers with a holographic quality that rivals Albert Hoffman high on the back of a knife wielding unicorn.

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