Kleft Shinto Special Drawing to be held 2/28/14! FREE KLEFT STUFF!

Starting today 2/4/14, Kleft Jaw ed. staff will be offering a chance for one lucky kleft or klefta to be entered into a drawing that will reward them with a shit ton of booty (yeah booty,but maybe not the booty you need at the moment, in which case, we’ll make it up to you when the millions of dollars start coming in.)

“What are the prizes?” you ask.

1 Free Copy of Sugar Tank by Aurora Killpoet

1 Free Copy of Captain Head by Dustin Holland

1 Free Copy of Kleft Jaw #1 Collector’s Edition (print foo!)

1 Free Copy of Kleft Jaw #4 bonus print edition

2/28/14 featuring: Sb Stokes Cassandra Dallett Dustin Holland Gabriel Ricard Josh Olsen Aurora Killpoet Jason Neese Frankie Metro Paul Koniecki Karl Koweski Jake Rowinski Maria Gornell Matthew J. Hall Mj Taylor JD Nelson featuring bonus stories/poems/art not included in the online volume. 53+pages of natural/exquisite disaster that reads like a cryptography class for the spiritually depraved i.e. the transcendental realists.  LFWF! WFLF!

+ 1 Free/Framed piece of original Kleft art.

“How do I enter?” you ask.

Easy. Just order a copy of A.P.C. by Frankie Metro, now available inside our Shop tab.

apc cover

That’s a grip of transcendental realism that you can shake a board at, but in all honesty, as Bruce Lee would say:

“Boards, don’t hit back.”

These books do.


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