KJ #9 Staff Picks

You know, one of the hardest parts of being an editor is sending out rejection letters. Should you be brief? Should you elaborate on reasoning etc… The biggest suck part is telling people: ‘Sorry, this didn’t fit.’ and hoping they don’t take it as a reflection on their quality of work. Too many times, since putting out the online/print issues, we’ve run across situations where authors have felt the need to express their dissatisfaction with our decision. Hey we understand, no one likes to be told NO, and in the spirit of opening dialogue and showcasing the diversity of tastes our editors have, we’re going to try something new, a series of posts on the blog called Staff Picks. Basically, each editor will pick 2 pieces that were not accepted to KJ #9 and we’ll post those on the blog alongside a small blurb on what appeals to us about the piece.

First up comes from EIC Frankie Met, who chose Valentina Cano (former contributor to KJ #8 Print Edition ahem ahem BUY THAT! and don’t forget to add a 2nd title and save 50% by entering promo code: kj8). While Valentina’s poem Wendigo and The Essentials in a Park separately were not a good fit for the issue, together they combined to make one hell of a poem. We are presenting you the revised edition omitting the title of her 2nd piece, alongside an episode of Kleftikos Radio where this symmetry between them was first discovered. See below:

She has become a wendigo,
tip-tapping a foot in and out of her future.
Dragging her tin can past behind,
calling the blood and the moon
with bare feet and a razor-wire voice.
She walks fast
to outrun herself.
Her legs, carved and chipped,
like the dining room chairs’,
bear her forward
through the breaching treasure
of wrappers and shattered bottles,
through sand that has lost its purpose,
through the one cracked pothole
screaming for rain.

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