Hopscotch Press Release




July 4th, 2014


Kleft Jaw & Mama make a new baby!~


Kleft Jaw Press proudly presents its 6th step toward transcendental vindication in the form of Ryder Collins’ i am hopscotch w/o hop.

In a world of distasteful insults and choral rooms of opaque meaning, the narrative of hopscotch teeter-totters between the obscurely familiar and clearly deranged, while maintaining enough lucidity to beat itself with a rubber hose every now and again to keep focus. Simply put, mama’s approach is that of the metapansexual chinchilla, choking on rider gloves with a purple tinge to the majesty.

edited by: Mik Everett

front/back cover art by: Lindsey Thomas & Frankie Metro

43 pgs. B&W interior.

7$ USD

You can find ordering information here:

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