4/20/16… Return of Kleftikos Radio

  Tonight marks several occasions… Hitler’s birthday (booo!)… Weed day (Yay!)… um, oh and the return of Kleftikos Radio. Season 4 Episode 1 kicks off tonight with a showdown (of sorts) between KJ alumni and current staff members. We’ll be featuring a round robinesque session of readings from KJ and Cheesburger Nebula Galactic Press authors: Nate Maxson William Seward Bonnie... read more

Phoenix New Times honors STS author: Elly Finzer

We’re very proud to share that Says the Speck author Elly Finzer has an interview up at one of our favorite free weeklies: Phoenix New Times. A big shout out goes to our main man with the raspberries Rex pictured w/ mom below: You can read the interview on PNT’s site or if you’re in the area, pick up this week’s edition! You can purchase Says the Speck by clicking here.... read more

Update (2) to Kleft Jaw’s Open Mic @ op. cit. books. Santa Fe

Apparently, op. cit. books has relocated to the Devargas Mall, and while a mall bookstore as a venue is a scary prospect (We hate places like Walden Books,) we’re super excited nonetheless. Also of note is the fact that Elly Finzer (Says the Speck NOW AVAILABLE. Click on the Shop tab for ordering information.) will be unable to attend, but in her stead is KJ #9 Staff Pick, Austin Price. [Werd] up.... read more

Says the Speck Full Cover Unveiling

3/25/16… Click the image for sexy times (larger image)… Buy the book to fulfill all your fantasies… LFWF. WFLF. Share... read more

Update to Kleft Jaw’s open mic in Santa Fe March 2016

… because, who wants to leave work and go directly to an open mic? Now Saturday, around 3pm, seriously, what the fuck you going to do? Hopefully be here:   Share... read more


#SaytheSpeck #Elly Finzer #march2016 #talos #KleftJawPress Share... read more

Futurism c/o Makayla Armijo

We’re a little more than a month away! We want to believe… the truth is out there, that you’re going to show up in Santa Fe. Share... read more

an Interview w/ Says the Speck (KJP 2016) author Elly Finzer

By: Gabriel Ricard   Kleft Jaw: Judging by the dedication in Says the Speck, it sounds like Mrs. Hughes was a pretty significant influence on you. Can you elaborate on that possibility a little, as well as the message in the dedication?   Elly Finzer: Mrs. Alice Hughes was my sixth grade teacher at McKinney Elementary School in Hillsboro, Oregon. My family had moved, and I was, once again, the new kid. My... read more

Says the Speck by: elly finzer (front cover Prelim. Sketches/inspiration)

“Stolas, or Stolos. [owl demon]– The Thirty-sixth Spirit is Stolas, or Stolos. He is a Great and Powerful Prince, appearing in the Shape of a Mighty Raven [that's clearly an owl Mr. Crowley...] at first before the Exorcist…” (from The Goetia The Lesser Key of SolomonTranslated by Samuel Liddell, MacGregor Mathers and edited w/ intro by Aleister Crowley) We’ve been reading... read more

Kleft Jaw Press Open Mic @ op. cit. books 3/25/16

We’ll be invading (in a completely non-invasive manner, hopefully) op. cit. books in Santa Fe, NM on March 25th to host an open mic and feature some of our stock  in the form of KJ editors/contributors from 3-5pm. We’ll also have copies of KJ #8 (click on the shop tab to purchase and use promo code kj8 to save 50% on a 2nd Kj title of your choice) as well as other KJ titles, and it has been... read more

KJ9 Staff Picks (4)

Our last pick for issue #9 comes from Austin Price, and frankly, we think it speaks for itself: Boxing Day I’ve spent every night these last three months writing stories about people trapped in boxes. And I mean in real boxes. I don’t write stories about white-collar jerks so caught up in the rat race that their $20,000-a-month luxury apartments with a view of the Manhattan skyline start to... read more

KJ9 Staff Picks (3)

This week’s pick comes from editor/Clouds of Hungry Dogs author Gabriel Ricard. We’ve all been to the Holiday Season parties, drunken friends, random acts of violence/sex, drugs, retirement plans, the whole nine. But Gabriel was especially smitten with this recollection of such a party from Matthew Reed during the selection process for #9, and while it didn’t make the final cut, it is... read more

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