1 Year Later…

One or many things are for certain. We’ll focus on the pertinent details concerning our maturation. Aside from establishing a running series in Denver thanks to our partners at Bolder Writers Warehouse and Hooked on Colfax, we’ve published 3 online issues that saw a change of the guard in the editorial staff as well as the art team and with that, on the horizon is our first issue curated by... read more

KJ #12 Staff Pick

On the horizon is our Summer issue #13 (click on the Submissions tab for details,) and per tradition, before we move into the future we look back at the past and the pieces that almost made the cut. Mike Sharlow’s Pound of Flesh was engaging in an angsty teen setting with all the fanfare/tropes of cinematic classics like Lord of the Flies (admitted in the piece,) and perhaps, Rob Reiner’s... read more

KJ #11 Staff Pick

As is custom with previous issue(s), while not every submission made the cut, there were still a number of authors who’ve sent us works of merit for KJ #11. Hillary Leftwich was among past contributors and has cemented herself as a mainstay in the Denver fiction writers community. Her submission, Abby Singer (which we enjoyed for its shock value and visceral sexual tension,) will also be the subject... read more

Kleft Jaw vs. Cheeseburger Nebula Galactic readings

Considering that submissions are open for issue #10, we thought we’d share some video from the recent event @ Mercury Café on August 20th, portraying readings from both organizations and a very annoying swamp cooler that must die by any means necessary… Enjoy and submit (after reading the guidelines of course Share... read more

Word of Mouth about: The Professional Donor

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An Excerpt from The Professional Donor featuring:

an introduction from Lindsey Thomas, author of Blind Date at the Glass Eye Disco with an assist in the lane by KJ contributor: Seth Elkins. Pages from The Professional Donor Available for purchase August 2016 “I started writing this novel when  Lindsey Thomas and I first got married and were living in Mesa, AZ back in 2011. It was a hot long 3 months, bereft of proper weed connects and any sort of... read more


We’re super stoked to announce the date of our next live reading, returning to The Mercury Café in downtown Denver on August 20th, 2016 w/ our cousins: Cheeseburger Nebula Galactic Press @ 7:30pm-9:30pm, featuring authors/artists from both leagues, culminating into what the SW lit scene likes to think is an epic, visually graphic experience. We love The Mercury Café! A little more than 2 years ago... read more

Full Cover Reveal: The Torture Report by: Nate Maxson

Available 5/31/16 Share... read more

Cover Art for: The Torture Report by: Nate Maxson

Our deepest thanks to KJ Art Curator: Makayla Armijo for this epically frightening cover for  Nate Maxson’s The Torture  Report due for release May 31st, 2016. Stay tuned for the full cover reveal next week and  be sure to check out an excerpt from the book on our blog Our condolences as well to M.A. for her involvement in a project we’re quite sure will end with our names on someone’s... read more

Excerpts from The Professional Donor by: Frankie Metro (KJP 2016)

Below you can find a selection from Frankie Metro’s 169 pg. novella: The Professional Donor, due for release August 2016. NO animals were harmed in the writing of this story. Swear to Solomon, this is fiction(ish). Pages from The Professional Donor Share... read more

Excerpts from The Torture Report by: Nate Maxson (KJP May 2016)

Click on the link below to get a sneek peek at Nate Maxson’s The Torture Report due from Kleft Jaw Press this May! Pages from thetorturereportmsinteriortxt Share... read more

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