An Excerpt from The Professional Donor featuring:

an introduction from Lindsey Thomas, author of Blind Date at the Glass Eye Disco with an assist in the lane by KJ contributor: Seth Elkins.

Pages from The Professional Donor

Available for purchase August 2016

“I started writing this novel when  Lindsey Thomas and I first got married and were living in Mesa, AZ back in 2011. It was a hot long 3 months, bereft of proper weed connects and any sort of regulated sanity in terms of the people we met and the places we found ourselves night in and night out, but chronicling it all along with other moments in my life that have given me more than a measure of pause is what ultimately kept me from rolling over and giving in to the desperation that is bred/nurtured in places like AZ. The Professional Donor deals with living in a culturally diverse setting where laws like SB1070 and synthetic drugs like Spice are just as prominent as the gun-toting Mormon syndicates and Mill Ave protest demonstrations. It’s a book about the applied teachings of the I-Ching and the violent, torrid cesspool of close-proximity neighbors you just never, ever turn your back on. It’s about growing up in theologically isolated communities like rural S. Central Ky., being confused about everything that defines the status quo, and suspicious of everyone along the way.”

-Frankie Metro, author.-



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