Frankie Metro is the co-founder/chief editor of Kleft Jaw Press.  He has been published in numerous online/print journals like ABQ Free Press, Drunk Monkeys, Alt Poetics, Underground Voices ad infinitum. He has published 2 collections of poetry and his first prose novella The Professional Donor is due from Kleft Jaw Press in 2016.

Tyler Finzer

Tyler Finzer is an entrepreneur, web developer, and IT support specialist living in Phoenix Arizona with his wife Elly. Currently Tyler has developed this site you are looking at now and many others over the course of 10 years. His business is Finzer Tech, a web development and IT company in Phoenix, that offers remote services online. You can take a look at his current business site below.

Gabriel Ricard








When he’s not sleeping on trains, or annoying people on Tumblr with Bruce Springsteen gif sets, Gabriel Ricard works as a writer, editor and occasional actor. He writes short fiction, poetry, novels, reviews, essays, and erotic letters to cereal mascots. In addition to his responsibilities at Kleft Jaw, he is the Film Editor at Drunk Monkeys and a featured contributor at The Modest Proposal. Born in Canmore, Alberta, he divides his time between Virginia and Washington D.C.

Sam Tsohonis












Sam has been writing poetry and prose since his youth in Eastern Washington State, where he also served as page editor at his high school newspaper. A self-described multidisciplinary artist, Sam’s had his hands dirty with all sorts of other visual and performance art forms besides writing. He has self-released 4 chapbooks of original poetry —PROPAGANDA, Dreams & Blown Steam, YR NRG, and Reflections on Shadow. These days Sam is focused primarily on a variety of screenwriting projects, though he finds it necessary from time to time to revisit the expressive environments of poetry and/or prose to draw out the things he needs to say.



Lindsey Thomas












Lindsey Thomas is a contributing artist/editor/co-founder at Kleft Jaw Press. She is the author of Blind Date at the Glass Eye Disco (KJP 2013) which is a novella that depicts the youth group memoir of an ex-stripper named Ashley. If she had time, there would already be a trilogy… Parts two and three are  still scattered between Google docs and scraps of paper, but will appear someday soon. 

She loves making graven images with water colors, acrylics, and crayolas  but does not actually worship the devil because if you’ve ever watched that 80′s documentary from Geraldo Rivera you know that is wack.