Chief Editor/Illustrator: Frankie Metro

Frankie Metro has been published in numerous online/print journals like ABQ Free Press, Drunk Monkeys, Alt Poetics, Underground Voices ad infinitum. He has published 2 collections of poetry, 1 novella entitled The Professional Donor, and his most recent book is Todo lo Malo, part of the 3-way Dance Anthology by Gimmick Press. 

Assistant Editor: Gabriel Ricard









When he’s not sleeping on trains, or annoying people on Tumblr with Bruce Springsteen gif sets, Gabriel Ricard works as a writer, editor and occasional actor. He writes short fiction, poetry, novels, reviews, essays, and erotic letters to cereal mascots. In addition to his responsibilities at Kleft Jaw, he is the Film Editor at Drunk Monkeys and a featured contributor at The Modest Proposal. Born in Canmore, Alberta, he divides his time between Virginia and Washington D.C.

Illustrator: Estefania Munoz


Estefania Munoz is a longmont based poet and amateur artist who misses the Mexican stray dogs from her childhood home and serotonin. She doesn’t know how to ride a bike but is willing to learn.

Assistant Editor: Austin Price


Austin Price is a makeshift writer whose essays on literature and pop culture has appeared in a variety of outlets, including, the Fjords Review,, and Otaku USA. His prose fiction has been featured in Lingan’s The Onion and was a Kleft Jaw staff pick, while his work with comics artist Matthew Rainwater can be viewed at and and his collaboration with composer Costas Dafnis can be heard at He currently lives in New York where he supplements his meager income pet sitting for wealthy degenerates.

Illustrator: BILLY BURGOS


Billy Burgos is an Illustrator/Designer/Poet from Los Angeles. He is a Curator on staff at His poetry has been featured in both Anthologies and Literary Journals and Zines. In 2007 Billy was chosen as an up and coming poet by the L.A. Poetry Festival.

Assistant Editor: iris appelquist


Appelquist is a 34 year old native and resident of Kansas City, Missouri. Her work explores the meaning of meaning, sexuality, poverty, and relationships, with an acerbic hand.

Cover Artist: Jeanette Powers


Jeanette Powers is a working class queer artist with a penchant for anarchy and rivers. More at and @novel_cliche