1 Year Later…

One or many things are for certain. We’ll focus on the pertinent details concerning our maturation. Aside from establishing a running series in Denver thanks to our partners at Bolder Writers Warehouse and Hooked on Colfax, we’ve published 3 online issues that saw a change of the guard in the editorial staff as well as the art team and with that, on the horizon is our first issue curated by co-chief editor Iris Appelquist. Apparently isolation is conducive for making concise and effective decisions regarding our future and with that kind of admission in play, we can’t help but think that going in favor of opposite interest seems like a natural step forward. There’s no shortage of reading series or art events here at headquarters in the Mile High, in Kansas City where IA slaps the sore lip of nepotism and banality, in NY where Gabriel Ricard plays Mr. Mom to a league of plushy eating ferrets etc., etc. etc.

On the horizon is issue #15, and we’re not above being real here and saying that we while we were able to pick out a group of writing that fits the transcendental realist aesthetic,  it wasn’t our favorite selection of submissions. There are too many cis-gender white males in charge of the canon and by canon we mean the litany of stories out here that seemingly derive from a place of inexperience and fascination with stereotypes. That being said, we don’t roll over and die, we multiply, we fortify our foundations, we deify the standard we’ve set in the past and pledge to kill the old gods with just as much fervor as it took to build them up…

1 year later? 2020 will see us gritting our teeth without pause and holding the torches high for those who dare to question their high rise sentiment toward the underrepresented leagues of artists/authors/people out here.



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